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Emotional Backyard Wedding | Magnolia, KY

Ok, before I start this, I just want to say that I’m one to get emotional at weddings anyway. But this one was different. We had joked ahead of time about who was going to cry first, bride or groom. They both swore it would be the other. But it wasn’t even 20 minutes after I got to the bride’s parents’ home…where this wedding would take place…that I saw my first tears.

That would set the tone for the day. Mom, sister, bride, groom…you name it, they cried. Happy tears. And I have to tell you, I probably cried as much as all of them combined. There were so many emotional moments, all in one day. It’s hard to list all the moments, so I’ll just hit the highlights.

First, we’ll start off with something light. The wedding details. So much thought was put into making this wedding have a homey, comforting feel while still being elegant. Country chic. Absolutely beautiful jewelry. Bouquets and boutonnieres made by the bride and her family. Words written on the bottom of their shoes. His said “I Do” and hers said “So Do I”.

his wedding details
her wedding details

The bride got ready and had a surprise waiting for her from her momma. To preface this, these ladies are extremely close. As any mother and daughter should be. Not just relatives, but best friends. Thankfully mom warned me that she was going to give her this surprise, as I would’ve been an absolute mess (more so than I was anyway) when I read the words on her gift.

the bride's mom giving her a handkerchief to get through the emotional day

Well, I’m emotional again! Not sure this handkerchief was enough for all the happy tears this day, but it was very much needed! After she was admired by her mother, sister and future mother-in-law, it was the time she had been waiting for…to see her soon-to-be husband for the first time on their wedding day. But first, while he patiently waited, it was time for her son to see how beautiful she looked.

getting ready for first look

He was so happy to see his mommy. And he loved her dress! Now for the big reveal for his new daddy. What would be his reaction? He waited with anticipation as she came out of the house and across the field to meet him.

The moment before the groom saw his bride during the first look

Louis already knew she would look amazing. He just didn’t know it would be THIS good! Notice the look on his face as he turned around. What a gorgeous bride he had chosen!

First look during this emotional wedding

And from the other angle, you could really see the full amount of joy on his face! Pretty sure this is exactly the reaction she was hoping for. I mean, who doesn’t want to be adored by the person they love?

groom is so happy to see his bride

Then it was time for some bride and groom photos. We had already taken engagement photos, so I knew how much chemistry they had. (If you didn’t get to read their engagement story, you can find it here.) But it was even better to see it on their wedding day. A day filled with such hope of a wonderful life to come. A life to be shared with their best friend. Their accessories were gorgeous.

wedding flowers

But not nearly as gorgeous as the smiles they had for each other.

big smiles on their wedding day
bridal portraits after an emotional first look

It was nice we had this quiet time together before everyone arrived. Time for just the two of them to soak in the day. And to be completely focused on each other, like they were the only two people in the world, just for that moment. Time to just be.

bride and groom taking a walk together
spending time together
quiet moments on their emotional wedding day

Then we did some bridal party photos. And let me tell you, this was one fun bridal party! I already knew and loved the bride’s sister, who was maid of honor. But I was introduced to the groom’s father, who was best man. And he was cracking me up! If you know me, I love to laugh. And so does the bride. To find someone who can make you laugh is wonderful, and this dad passed the trait on to his son. A trait that drew her to him.

bridal party portraits

It makes me smile all over again looking at these photos. And remembering that a headlock from father to son came not long after this. A couple of goofballs. Made me feel like this was my family. And I LOVE my family!

bride and her best friend, her sister
two sisters smiling on wedding day

The bride’s sister made a BEAUTIFUL maid of honor. As soon as these sisters saw each other completely ready, the tears flowed freely. But the tears soon yielded to smiles and laughter. These two genuinely enjoy each other’s company. And not only do they share the same gorgeous genes, they are some of the sweetest people you would ever meet.

family is everything on a wedding day

So glad to know these wonderful people. And I can tell the groom is so happy to have them as his new family. He fits in so well with them, like they were his all along. It was time for these two families to combine into one.

his family and her family on their wedding day

And the little guy that stole the show at the engagement session did his best this day as well. In his little suspender shorts, how cute is he?!

her son was the ring bearer in the wedding

It was now time for the wedding. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The little guy held a sign “here comes the love of your life” as he was escorted down the aisle by his uncle.

the ceremony begins

There were so many emotional moments before she walked down the aisle. And the groom had already seen her and taken photos with her. So surely there wouldn’t be any tears when she walked down the aisle…

her dad walks her down the aisle and groom gets emotional

False. I think she barely got around the weeping willow tree when reality set in again. He was getting married. To this amazing girl he loved so much. He was starting a family. And the tears came all over again. See, I told you this was an emotional wedding day.

beautiful ceremony

It was a beautiful ceremony on probably the most gorgeous day we’ve had so far this year. They held hands as they listened to the Bible’s counsel for married couples. He shared his copy of the Bible on his phone with her. Wonderful advice was given about being loving, patient and forgiving. About making time for each other and really listening to each other.

all smiles as they say their vows

Then it was time for the vows. What a huge smile each one had as they heard the other say “I do”. As they promised to love and respect each other. To be loyal and faithful. These aren’t just words. They are a commitment. And these two were ready for this commitment. Then it was time for the rings.

all smiles as they exchange rings

A little bit of persistence and both rings were on, with a little giggling in the process. Then they were pronounced husband and wife, followed by a prayer asking God’s blessing on the marriage. As they walked back down the aisle, they were absolutely beaming.

At this point, I thought the tears were done. But then I watched them walk a few feet and he would stop and hug her. A few more feet and again. And again. Like he just couldn’t believe this was his life…or his wife. It was one of the sweetest moments I have ever seen at a wedding. At this point, I was basically shooting blind. Who can see clearly to take photographs when you witness something that precious? Then there were the congratulatory hugs from the bridal party, welcoming each to the family.

these three officially became a family on their wedding day

Now these three were officially a family! The little guy used to get all his momma’s kisses. But that’s ok. There was plenty of love to go around. After the first dance, he came out and said “my turn!” So he got to choose who to dance with first. Mommy or daddy? He chose daddy. Aaaaaaaand more tears! Emotional moments for sure!

a first dance with daddy to a very emotional song

As mommy looked on at the two favorite men in her life dancing, the song “My Boy” played in the background. Now, if you’ve never heard the song like me, I highly recommend you click here and watch the song by the original singer. And then imagine hearing the words for the first time as you watch these two dance. “He ain’t my blood, ain’t got my name. But if he did, I’d feel the same…Yeah, he’s my son and that’s my choice. He ain’t my blood, but he’s my boy.” I’m telling you…there are no words. Just tears.

the bride gets to dance with her son

Then it was time to dance with mommy. She chose “their” song. To Make You Feel My Love by Adele. She used to sing it to him when she was pregnant and he would kick. Now she would sing it to him on her wedding day. I guarantee this boy feels his mother’s love.

Well if you had enough of tears…I’m sorry but I have just one more… Next it was time for the bride to dance with her father. Little did she know another surprise was coming. When she got in position to dance with her daddy, instead of a song coming on, it was a sound clip. Of her grandfather who has passed. A clip of him and her together. See, he told her that he would dance with her on her wedding day. And since he wasn’t present to do so, this was the way the family could make that come true for her. When she realized what was happening, the emotions overcame her. She missed her grandpa and now would seek the comfort of her daddy’s arms.

bride gets emotional dancing with her daddy

Her momma watched on as even daddy got emotional. Once the sound clip was over, then they danced to the song “Half the Man” by Jennifer Smestad. I also had never heard this song. And it made me think of my daddy. And even more tears.

daddy gets emotional during father daughter dance

Ok….sorry if I made you cry. But it wasn’t me. This wedding was about family and love. And I hope I was able to relay even a glimpse of the emotion on this day. There were mother-son dances as well that held just as much emotion. So much love in these two families. And they are so proud of these two beautiful people and the choices they’ve made.

Then was time for the rest of the reception. And that meant cake! It was beautiful! And yummy. Cutting the cake was quite funny. Not even close to little slivers to feed each other. The largest piece of cake I’ve ever seen in my life! But we needed some comic relief right about now. It was time to get back to the laughter.

the wedding cake and other details
the knife to cut the cake and the top tier

Time for just a few more family photos. It was so nice for each of them to have time with their parents and grandparents. Family shapes us into who we are. And to have grandparents in our lives is such a blessing!

groom with his father and grandfather

We don’t just pass a name down from one generation to another. We pass down values. And qualities. I love to see the relationship a boy has with his father and grandfather. And that a girl has with her mother and grandmother. Those are very special bonds and many times, our genes are a big part of who we are. We were so glad to have not only all parents at this wedding but also eight grandparents. What a privilege!

the bride with her mother and grandmother

This takes us to the end of the evening, with the sun setting. It may have been the end of a day, but it’s definitely the beginning of a new life for this new family. Just a few more quiet moments with the bride and groom before they would leave for their honeymoon.

emotional moments under the veil
one last kiss to end the wedding day

We hope you enjoy your happily ever after! Thank you so much for giving us the privilege of photographing your wedding! Keep this firm grip on each other and never let go. Keep those smiles and those cuddles. We wish you nothing but happiness!

bride and groom portrait

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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