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Family Maternity Session | Burkesville, KY

There is nothing like the excitement over a new baby. From the moment a woman finds out she is pregnant, there are so many emotions. Maybe some nerves. But the general feeling is an overwhelming excitement. Life is going to change and a new tiny human to love is going to enter your life soon! We love capturing these moments, so when we were contacted to photograph a maternity session, we couldn’t wait! We started scouting out locations and found the perfect spot just outside of Burkesville, KY.

Katie had dreamt of golden hour portraits by a creek. But the unpredictable Kentucky weather had other things in mind. So we didn’t get to do golden hour, but we got to take some of the most precious maternity photos. As soon as they got out of the car, we were struck at how perfectly they followed the style guide we had sent. They looked amazing! We started with a few family ones in the shade while we were waiting for the clouds to roll in.

Even though the little one started out shy, she very quickly started enjoying the session. She had to tell us that she is five and she is getting ready to start kindergarten. What an exciting time! Two huge milestones within just a few weeks of each other. Oldest child will be going to school and second child will be born.

But for right now, she’s still an only child and she was soaking it in as much as she could! You would have no clue she started out shy when you see her giving that adorable head tilt and smiling straight at the camera.

She is going to be such a great big sister! She said she was so excited to meet her little sister and she gave momma’s belly the sweetest hugs and kisses. And she may have gotten a few love taps from little sister as well. But we had a little humor also, as she decided to give a different name when I asked what her little sister’s name was. And this is how nicknames happen. We shall see what little sis actually gets called when she arrives.

But for now, she gets all of mommy’s attention. And she was loving it! She twirled in her tulle layered white dress. And she giggled the whole time. She loves her mommy so much and you can see it in the way she looks at her.

So much love in this family and so much excitement for new things to come! It was now time for a few photos of just mom and dad to be. They told us they didn’t have much experience with photos and they were nervous about it. But by looking at their maternity session portraits, I never would have guessed. They were so natural and all the emotion really shone through.

Genuine happiness! You can’t fake that look they have in their eyes. So many good things to come! How someone could work the night before and still look this amazing in photos is beyond me. But that’s the thing about being happy. It shines through everything else.

Look at the way she looks at him! This is the father of her precious baby. The man she loves so much. But she can’t hold the gaze for too long. When he stares back at her, she can’t help but giggle, and it’s the most adorable thing! This makes our hearts so happy to see people this happy and this in love.

We took just a few more quiet moments with the two of them and then the clouds showed up so we could head down to the creek. So many more beautiful moments to come.

As he helped her down the rocky terrain, they removed their shoes so we could “play” in the creek. Her vision was coming to life! So glad she wanted creek photos because I never would’ve found this location otherwise! (I say “I” but Kevin is actually the one who found it!)

Once we got a few more family ones, we let big sis play. She sat in front of the fan Kevin gave her, trying to dry off her feet. Then we got to focus on momma a little bit. She was still absolutely glowing! And she reminds me of an actress. So graceful and beautiful. And sweet as can be as well. The perfect combination.

For a few more weeks, she gets to keep this little one all to herself. To feel even the tiniest of movements. Only sharing when someone is close enough to feel a kick. What an amazing gift to be able to feel this new person who has become so part of you! To know soon they will be in your arms and your life will never be the same!

Now just a few more with mom and dad and we are done with this maternity session. This was such an amazing session! We’re so glad they trusted us with this very special moment in their lives. Dad thought the photos would just be of the mom-to-be. But he will be so grateful he joined her. Very sweet moments and he can bring out her true smile like no one else!

Congratulations, Josh and Katie! I can’t wait to meet your precious new one! She is going to be surrounded by so much love. And maybe get a little spoiled. Just a little…. We appreciate the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family maternity session and to be able to tell just a tiny bit of your story.

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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