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Fine Art Toddler Portraits | Glasgow, Kentucky

I have been sitting over here on pins and needles ready to share these gorgeous toddler portraits with y’all. Once you see them, you will understand why it was so hard to keep this two year photo session a surprise. But I did it! I didn’t want to spoil grandma’s chance to see the gorgeous images in-person with her daughter. It was a bonding moment for sure that was worth the wait.

I have been photographing little Evie since she was one month old. (You can read that here if you missed it.) Throughout that time, she always kept us entertained. She made very meme-worthy faces. Other times, the sweetest expressions. But whether serious or smiling, she has always had the most beautiful face. Even so, I was not prepared for all the charm of this session.

Evie has truly come out of her shell the last several months. When you walk into her home, she says the cutest little “hi!” Then every time you walk out of the room and back in, there it is again. “Hi!” A simple flower entertained her. And thankfully has not grown out of the peek-a-boo stage yet. And the sly little smirk to the side when she thinks she’s getting away with something!

Her grandmother had bought her the most precious outfit. An ornate flower headband and layers of dusty rose tulle practically begged to be photographed. We used her great-grandmother’s chair. Her mother had a very special attachment to her own grandmother, so it was dreamy that it could all be tied in together. And it matched perfectly! Almost like it was meant to be…

I’m so glad the wait is over and you can enjoy these photographs too. These are my favorites of her so far. I have no idea how her family will be able to choose which of these to display, which is why I jokingly suggested wallpaper. But seriously, so grateful to this family for being with us from the beginning of our photographic journey. I already can’t wait for the next time we get to photograph this beautiful little human with so much personality!

If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments. Because I definitely couldn’t choose. And before I leave you with several of my favorite images from this session, I wanted to close with my usual reminder. Take time with your family. They grow up so quickly. Things come and go, but your family is what truly matters. Give it the time it deserves. You won’t regret it! Now enjoy the toddler portraits!


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