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Fueling the Soul Brand Session | Glasgow, KY

We were first introduced to Amy with Fueling the Soul at Friday Night Lights at RNF Crossfit in Glasgow, KY. I was impressed right away as I watched her do pull-ups without a band and handstand push-ups with little difficulty. But it wasn’t until several months later that we would be introduced to who she really is. A woman who wants to help and empower other women to live the best life possible.

When she contacted us for a branding shoot, I was beyond excited to say the least. And even more so when we got to meet at the local coffee shop, The King’s Café. This is where she meets so many of her own clients for one-on-one meetings and for strategizing sessions. The more we talked, the more we had in common. She’s not a coffee drinker. Orders the chai tea there, just like I do. She wants to help others and is an enneagram 2. (I’m a 1 but with traits of a 2, so it was really close.)

The more we dove into her business and brand, the more you could see Amy’s heart. She started her Juice Plus+ business almost a decade ago, helping many more along the way. She cheers others on at the gym, in her community and on social media. Her brand, Fueling the Soul, centers around faith, family, food, fitness, fun and fulfillment. And she encourages ones in every one of these areas. Her husband joined us for part of the shoot and you could see the beautiful chemistry and the love and respect they have for each other. I won’t be sharing those photos today, so if you want to see them, stay tuned to her Instagram page. But it showed me that she doesn’t just teach it, she lives it.

She is an avid reader and is always looking for self-improvement, which then she passes on to others. Her house is full of books that she loves. She brought along just a few of her favorites. Journaling is also a part of her daily routine. Filling her notebooks with positive messages, motivational quotes and self-affirmations.

It was definitely our pleasure to photograph this beautiful woman and the brand that she represents. We hope she can help so many more in their journey to fuel their soul–mind, body and spirit! Enjoy a glimpse of this fantastic Kentucky small business brand session!


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