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Fun Family Portraits | Bowling Green, KY

We’ve been looking forward to this fun family session for about a year now. I knew they were beautiful and nice. I just didn’t know how hilarious they all are! We were laughing from about the moment we showed up. We met at the bridge at WKU campus. What a perfect spot! And thankfully we got a half hour head start since we didn’t know prom was that night.

We wanted a nice laid-back, fun family session, so I followed the kids around for a bit just to get them comfortable with the idea of photos. Grandpa had brought his Nikon and it was being used by this young man just learning to take photos. This was a kid after my own heart! He would get so excited over the photos he took and couldn’t wait to show them off. I know the feeling! I can’t help but show people the back of my camera!

child photographer looking at back of camera
a child taking photos with his camera during family session

Then while Kevin was talking to the guys, I thought we would take some mommy and me photos. The campus was still strewn with all the confetti from graduation. The youngest was having fun collecting the different pieces as they sparkled on the ground. So we thought we would distract him with a little stroll.

black and white images of mom with her sons

Just a little bit of quiet time with mom. A few moments of cuddling. Time for her favorite little people. They were all boy and had so much energy, especially the little guy. But you could tell they both are absolutely in love with their mommy. She’s not just sweet. She’s fun! How every boy mom should be. Full of energy and excitement. Want a fun family? It starts with the mom!

mom and her boys cuddling during family session

I was told that the little guy has an angry face he likes to make in photos. So just for the fun of it, we did a few with the angry face. But as you can already see, he has quite the amazing smile too…when it’s his idea. So we just let it be his idea. We didn’t tell him to smile at all during the family session. And because we didn’t need him to smile, he was all smiles! Cuz he was getting away with something! Whereas the older brother was always ready. He was being such a good big brother, always doing what he was told and trying to steer his little brother to do the right thing too. Definitely a couple of cuties right here!

individual portraits of each boy

I could stare at those faces all day! How can you not love those beautiful blue eyes? And those sweet childish grins? These kids are growing up so fast! We have to stop and just appreciate the moments they are young because they go by so quickly. When they are innocent and say the most adorable things.

portraits of just the boys on a rock

There were so many rocks to climb, so many nooks and crannies to explore. But if we just moved fast enough, we could get all the cuteness in between the moments the little guy ran past us in a flash. Which is a pretty appropriate analogy for life, especially the life of a young one. You look and they are one age, into childish things, playing in the mud…you turn your head for a second and then they’re way ahead of you. How did you get there so quickly? It seems like just yesterday we saw the oldest as a baby in his father’s arms. Blink. Now almost a decade has gone by.

portrait of a stylish boy

Did anyone else look at these two pictures and think you must have scrolled onto an advertisement for Gap Kids?! So this is the same kid we were told it was hard to take pictures of? The one with the angry face? I don’t believe it! Looks like a natural to me!

We thought we would give the kids just a little break and get a few of just mom and dad. Once kids come along, parents don’t get much time to themselves. And they definitely don’t get to have pictures often without interruptions. Thankfully grandma and grandpa were there to watch the kids so we could have just a brief moment with mom and dad. A moment to show that ten years of marriage have only made their love stronger.

portrait of parents on their family session
portraits to show the love parents have for each other

Such a sweet moment. But as I said, they also made us laugh. As he nuzzled into her hair, he said he was just glad her hair smelled so good. And they joked that they always looked so awkward in photos. So we decided to take a few “awkward family photos” just for the fun of it. It was hysterical. What a fun family!

awkward family photos on this family session

This pretty much sums up their personality. Soooooo fun! And the oldest son just can NOT take a bad photo. He was ready the whole time. Might have to sign this guy up as a model… Then it was time for getting back to the reason we were there. They did amazing!

family of four on their family session

I love him peeking out from behind his big brother. He tries to act all shy, like he needs the protection of his family. But he came right back out of his shell when we were being silly. I just can’t say enough good things about this family! Attractive, hilarious, sweet….what’s not to love?! And tho they will try to convince you that they don’t take good pictures, the old adage applies…the camera doesn’t lie. A fun family always photographs well.

just mom and just dad with the boys during their family session

I was so glad that grandma and grandpa came, not just to play with the kids while we were taking the parents’ photos, but because every child should have pictures taken with their grandparents. It’s a very special bond. Grandparents are the ones who let you get away with stuff when your parents aren’t around. They spoil you. And they spend their energy just trying to make you happy. Their parents did that with your parents, and now it’s their turn.

the grandparents with their grandkids

The little guy was trying to pretend he didn’t want to smile, but he just couldn’t help it. Time with grandparents is just too fun! And this was an extra-special time for them. This year is their 40th anniversary! Having a love last throughout the years is a beautiful thing. And you can tell when they look at each other, not only is the love there, but he still makes her giggle. Absolutely love it!

Just the grandparents for their 40th anniversary

These are the people that taught their daughter how to love. And now she has taken that and passed it on to a family of her own. Love and laughter are the basis for any good relationship. And now the kids are learning this as well. Three generations of wonderful right here! So glad they joined in on the family session!

three generations on an extended family session

Now it was time to go to the fountain so the kids could get back to having fun. All this picture-taking is hard work and they deserved a break! Watching the imagination kids have exploring the world is incredible.

The boys being curious on their family session

Sometimes exploring leads to wet shorts from splashing in a fountain. Sometimes it leads to a scraped knee. But isn’t that just part of being a boy? Momma said she wanted to remember them being boys. I hope this session helped her be able to preserve those memories.

boys will be boys

Now for just one more set of family photos. This session seemed to go by so fast! Just like they say…time flies when you’re having fun!

all smiles in their family session

How cute are they? Cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly! Sorry, had to throw in a movie quote…

Speaking of fun…we will end this blog with one last sequence of “awkward family photos”. The look on the younger son’s face says it all.

having fun making a few awkward family photos

Thank you so much for this adventure! We had such a great time! We love your family. And we hope you enjoy the photos half as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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