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Fun Family Session | Burkesville, Kentucky

Last year, we were planning to do a family session with the sweetest family. Then came the pandemic and so it got put on hold to be safe. Now that we could safely do so, we were so excited to be able to photograph them! And how much they’ve grown up in this last year! That’s the thing about kids. You don’t see them for a little while, you turn around and next thing you know, they look so grown up!

The mom and dad of this family are as sweet as they come. If you ever meet them, you will know exactly what I mean. So gracious, thankful and kind. It’s an honor just to know them, let alone to be able to call them your friends. They got married the same exact day we did! And here we are, almost 12 years later, getting to take photos of their beautiful family. After all these years, they are proof that marriage just gets stronger if you put the work into it. If you didn’t see the kids around, you would think these two were just falling in love for the first time. It’s written all over their faces. Not just during their family session, but at all times.

mom and dad smiling at each other
mommy and daddy during family session

What a perfect pair they make! Beautiful, not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. Now they are teaching their kids how to act the same way. To think of others, be thankful, to treat others the way you want to be treated. If they walk in their parents’ footsteps, they will be loved by all they meet.

walking together during their family session

These boys definitely have two very different personalities. One is more shy and reserved. The other is so full of energy. I’ll let you decide which is which. The next series of photos gives you just a little clue.

brothers having fun during their photo shoot

Kids have SO much energy! I remember when I was 19 and had plenty of energy. My mom was the age I am now and she would say “I wish I could bottle that up!” I didn’t know what she meant then because I didn’t know there was only a limited amount you get. Now I understand! Yes mom, if you figure out how to bottle that up, I will be first in line to pay for it!

two brothers hugging and laughing during their portraits

One thing that’s great about having two boys is that you have provided them each with a built-in best friend. And you can see that’s what these two have. You can’t fake these giggles. Just asking them to hug each other, the silliness began and you could see that they not only enjoy being together but they really love each other as well.

portraits during family session

When you love someone, sometimes it’s hard to take your eyes off them. You don’t want to blink, because you’re afraid you’ll miss something. It all goes by so fast, this thing we call life, and we have to make the most of every moment. To enjoy our families.

mom and son cuddling and laughing during their portraits

Sometimes, it’s the quiet moments. Other times, it’s the giggles. That’s what I love about kids. They can go from needing a hug to tickling and laughing in just a matter of seconds. If something happens…they get their feelings hurt or they have to be told “no” so they learn right from wrong or they take a little tumble…it just takes one hug from mom and they are back to happy. Moms have that power. Pretty amazing that they can make it all better with just a touch, a hug or a kiss.

cheek to cheek during their family session

Then it was back to a few family photos. They said it’s hard to get a good photo of the family. Do you believe this? Cuz I’m looking at these photos and thinking, “with these faces, it’s hard to take a bad photo!” I mean, just look at all the cuteness in just one family!

black and white family photos

Now you can see why we had been looking forward to this family session for a whole year! We are still playing it safe, so it was hard not to scoop these kids up in our arms and hug them and tickle them and play with them. So we just gave “air” hi-fives and fist bumps. So since we couldn’t tickle them, we let them have a tickle fight with their parents. It was one of our favorite parts of the whole session.

having a tickle fight during their family session

Especially the second time. We told the kids (out loud, of course) “don’t tell your parents, but we’re going to tickle them on three. They have no idea it’s coming! Ready…one….two…three!”

two boys running to tickle their parents

I love how they felt like it was a sneak attack. And the parents played right along. So fun! There’s usually a “favorite” moment in every session. I mean, it’s all fun. But some moments just stand out. For me, it was the next moment. I picked some flowers and asked the youngest to hide them behind his back and surprise his mommy with them.

a little boy giving his mommy flowers

So he holds them back there. And when I tell him to show her what he got for her, he hands them to her and says “will you marry me mommy?” and runs away giggling. How cute is that?! Absolutely loved it! Now you know why it was a highlight of this family session.

individual portraits of two boys

These boys have very infectious smiles. If you are having a bad day, it doesn’t take much from them to turn that around. Their sense of humor is quite hysterical.

This time of year means dandelions. Everywhere. We could see them blowing in the background of almost every photo we got. So we got to blow a few. Sometimes we waited for the countdown. Other times, we were just too excited to blow them and had to pick another one for the photo. There is so much out in nature for kids to explore, and they’re the happiest when they get to use their imaginations.

two boys blowing dandelions during their portrait session

They say that the family that plays together stays together. And this family does absolutely everything together. What kids need most isn’t money or toys. They need their parents. And these boys have the privilege of knowing their parents are going to be alongside them every step of the way. So as a quick thank you, they gave mommy a well-deserved kiss.

two boys giving their mommy a kiss on the cheek

That pretty much sums up our family session. Love. Joy. Laughter. All the things a family should be about. We hope you enjoy the photos! Remember to make sure those in your life know how much you love them! A smile doesn’t cost anything. But it enriches everyone you give it to! Have a great day!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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