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Boutique Unique Branding | Glasgow, Kentucky

I have been following Boutique Unique on Instagram for several months now, watching them remodel their store and keeping us entertained with chicken wing hair clips and other very unique items. We got a call a couple weeks ago that they were having their grand re-opening and ribbon cutting by the Glasgow Barren County Chamber of Commerce, and we were excited to get to photograph the event!

Many times, people hear the word “boutique” and they automatically think of a clothing store. But this place is the other definition of boutique: a small company that offers highly specialized services or products. They really did come up with the best name for this place. There are things you can find here that you would have to search forever to find. And to be able to do this AND shop local, now that’s a big deal!

It all started over twelve years ago when Jessica was repurposing old jewelry and making it her own. Those new creations really took off at craft shows and fairs. Then she and her mother, Deb, branched out into crafts and refinishing furniture. So many friends were also selling at fairs but wanted a permanent home for their art. So Jess and Deb took the plunge and opened Boutique Unique! Everything happened so perfectly, they have no doubt that it was what God wanted for them. Getting to work as a mother-daughter team for the past twelve years has been so rewarding for both of them!

There are so many different items all under one roof! If people want to shop for a loved one, a coworker, or someone else in their life, we highly recommend they check this place out first! And by doing this, not only are you supporting a small woman owned and operated business, you are also supporting many other local artists and vendors! These last few years, we have heard so much about #supportsmall and #shoplocal, this is a way that you can do both!

And if you do, I guarantee, you will have an amazing time in the process! Trying to get photographs of these four lovely ladies had us all in hysterics! It was like being with family. Yes, they pretty much are all family, but we felt like we were part of that as well. We love getting to laugh with our clients and there was no shortage of that here!

They love their town and their county and are very proud of it! Each of them do everything they can to support local businesses. They get to watch out their window and see all the goings-on, since they are perfectly placed on Happy Valley Rd. I wonder how many, like ourselves, have driven by and had no idea a place this amazing even existed!

Do you like cats? Who doesn’t like cats? Well Margot thinks she’s the one who actually runs the place. And honestly…she kind of does. She knows she’s the boss. You may find her laying on the floor, maybe up on a bench, pretty much anywhere she wants to be.

Even if you’re just looking for entertainment, walking around this store will give you plenty of that! When I went to visit them for the first time, I laughed so hard at all their unique signs. But be prepared, you will find something you love so much, it’s nearly impossible to leave this store without buying something.

Do you want something monogrammed? They can do that! Do you want something engraved? They can do that too! Do you want to give something special to a bereaved family? They will even deliver to funeral homes! They can personalize so many things and make the absolute perfect gift. Have you ever wanted to find a gift for someone who has everything? It’s so hard! But these ladies love helping you find exactly what you’re looking for. And if it doesn’t exist, they make it!

My first actual paying job was working for a small store that sold local art and food products. Walking into this beautiful place took me back to that time almost 30 years ago! It’s such a thrill to be able to connect people who want to buy something unique with ones who have the solution.

And if you want a little bit of everything…or you can’t decide between several things…they also make and wrap gift baskets. They also wrap gifts. So you can just get what you want and not have to worry about it when you walk out of the store. It’s already ready to give!

What more could you want, right? Many places do this around the holidays, but there are occasions to celebrate all year long! It’s nice to have a place to go to provide this service.

Have a sweet tooth? They’ve got you covered there as well! They have many different food products to offer, from sweet to savory. At their grand re-opening, I have to admit, I tried them all! Absolutely delicious!

They even carry tea on a regular basis! AND!!!! Do you know what else they just started selling last week? Local beef from Jess’s brother’s farm! He was grilling burgers for us on Thursday and they were soooo good!

Just wait until you see the thick ribeye we bought! This meat is a thing of beauty and I can’t wait until we get to taste it!

Just when you thought you’d seen all they have to offer, you realize they sell Kentucky hand-rolled cigars as well. Where else can you go to get something for absolutely everyone?

Or you have a small paint project coming up? You can find the exact shade you’re looking for and not have to wonder what it will look like once it’s dry. You get to see a sample before you pick your color!

It was so nice to see the whole community come out and support them on this day. This is such a great group of people who all want to see each other thrive!

So even though they have been in this location for eight years, with the remodel and joining the Chamber, this feels like a new beginning! We hope more in the area will be able to come and support the amazing ladies at Boutique Unique!

If you want to stop by, here are their hours. I know they can’t wait to meet you! Bring your sense of humor and your wallet. You’re going to be needing both!

Thank you, Jess, Deb, Schellye and Mary for allowing us the privilege of photographing you on such a special day! We had a blast and hope you grow by leaps and bounds this next year! Have a great day!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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