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Pregnancy Announcement | Tompkinsville, KY

We have known the Smith family for several years now. Kevin used to work with the father. And once I got to take mommy and son portraits at the beginning of last year (it seems like so much longer!), they pretty much became family. So this summer, when we were told they were going to add to their family, we were so overcome with joy! We couldn’t wait to meet their new little one! But for now, we were excited to photograph their pregnancy announcement.

It is so hard to keep a secret like this, but we smiled, happily carrying around their little secret until it was time for them to tell the world. And even more overjoyed because we knew how much they had wanted to add to their family. They had suffered loss, just as we have. We felt their pain and wanted so much for them to have a rainbow after their storm. I am so grateful that it didn’t take long for their rainbow to come!

We finally got to plan portraits out on their farm that we have heard so much about! And we couldn’t wait to see it. When we took the drive back on the way to our portrait session, we were instantly in love with the country feel! This family had always been about tractors, cowboy boots, hats and farm animals. Now it wouldn’t just be props in a photo. We didn’t have to bring the farm to us. We were there 🙂

Proverbs 31 talks about the capable wife. Near the end of the proverb, it mentions that she would be called blessed by her children. And at this moment, she feels nothing short of blessed. Yes, she has had heartache also. Yes, she will always remember that other sweet baby she had come to love, even for a few weeks. But she is now looking ahead to this new precious life that is growing inside her. She has a husband who loves her more than anything in this world, her high school sweetheart. And she has a little boy who is the perfect mixture of mischievous and lovable.

For right now, he has her all to himself. Or so he thinks… Completely unaware that even before this pregnancy announcement, his new sibling actually has a special place in mommy’s heart already and has a unique relationship for the next few months. But right now, he is the only one who can get kisses and tickles. Does he comprehend yet that things are about to change?

If only he could read haha. He has had a cousin born recently, so if he doesn’t already know, he will very soon as he sees mommy’s tummy grow! He is a smart little man. And so good with his cousins! He is already used to sharing the limelight so I know he will do just fine!

But for these next few months, he can take solo walks with mom. Soak up all of her love. She has plenty to spare, so he won’t be missing out when the new one comes. But these last few months of being an only child are so special. He won’t be two years old until next month, but he has received more love and joy from his family than some experience in a lifetime.

He looks so much like his daddy! From that huge grin down to the cowboy boots. And I love watching them play together. Giggles for days! If anyone knows how to ham it up, it’s this little man. Whether he is looking at the camera, looking away or even walking away, he knows how to steal the show!

This new little one is going to have some pretty big shoes to fill! I can’t wait to see if they have as much personality as their brother! One thing is for certain…there is plenty of love to go around. That’s the amazing thing about love. You don’t have to divide it when you add more people. God just makes our hearts grow bigger!

Getting to watch this family walk the fields of their farm, with this little guy in between, all holding hands, was such a precious sight. And then to hear him squeal with delight as they would say “one, two, three, weeeeee!” It was just plain adorable!

Then it was time for a few of just mommy and daddy. The two that started it all. Their dreams of starting a family have already come true and now they are just adding to the joy!

So here’s the big question….boy or girl? What do you think? Your question will be answered without a doubt by the next photos. Will the little man get a brother or a sister? Will they pass down his clothes? Or do they have to borrow from all the girl cousins? This is not just a pregnancy announcement but also a gender reveal. Here goes….

You could see the smiles on their faces as the color started to settle. They are having a little girl! This little guy is going to be greatly outnumbered! But what an amazing addition to the family. One boy, one girl…Kind of like the Collin Raye song. If you’ve never heard it, stop reading this now and go listen to it. I’ll wait….

So very soon, there will be an extra pair of boots added to this family photo. And we can’t wait to meet her! Thank you, Smith family, for always allowing us to be part of these major celebrations and announcements. We love your family and we know we’ll love her too!


Kevin and Reneé

PS… I just have to put this one more photo in here. There are actually a ton more photos I want to share from this pregnancy announcement session, but they are ones mommy and daddy will share with others if they choose to. Anyway…I love how he always wants to come up to us and give hugs and fist bumps. He is so precious!

Ok…that’s it for real this time. Bye, y’all!


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