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We know getting portraits made can be an awkward experience. We've been there! We do all we can to take the worry out of it so you can just have an amazing time and love your photos!

Reneé has loved taking photos since she was a young teenager. She worked at Olan Mills for 10 years, training others and achieved Certified Professional Photographer. In 2020, she decided to start her own business and Kevin joined her. We shortly realized that together, we could create some pretty incredible things!

We love getting to see the personality of each of our clients and even more so, the emotional connection they have with their loved ones. And the same with brands... getting to see how they connect with their audience and how we can help their personality shine through just exhilarates us!

We believe everyone is unique and their pictures shouldn't all look the same. We tend to get goofy when we're together (which is pretty much all the time), so plan on laughing during your session. Or possibly rolling your eyes during dad jokes. Our goal is to make others happy and to view themselves in the same beautiful light that their loved ones look at them, to say "wow, I look amazing" and actually mean it. We will be your biggest cheerleaders because you, my friend, are worth it!

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  • Authenticity - Don't pretend to be someone you aren't. You are amazing just the way you are. People can smell fake, so just be yourself!
  • Give more than you take. You will be happy. You will be fulfilled. And those around you will appreciate your presence (and your presents).
  • If you think something nice about someone, don't be afraid to tell them. It may be what they needed to get through the day.
  • God and family come first. Period.
  • Positivity breeds positivity. If you are looking for things to be grateful for, you will find them. And if you focus on those things, others around you will be more positive as well.
  • Things don't have to be perfect, but details matter. If you have a hair out of place, we are going to fix it. If we have our zipper down, please tell us! We will (tactfully) do the same for you!

A Few of Our Key Values: 

let's work together!

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melissa j.

“Kevin and Renee are the most genuine, loving people you will ever come in contact with.”



Love makes the world go around, that much is true. But chocolate makes the journey much more enjoyable, don't you think? But word of caution: don't offer me chocolate unless you're ok with the whole bag being gone.

love + chocolate

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Kevin plays guitar and writes songs. He loves Jack Johnson, the Avett Brothers, Ray LaMontagne, but really all types of music. He taught himself to play, but his voice may possibly be inherited from his grandma, who was an off-broadway actress.


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We are always trying to get the other to laugh when we're home. It could be witty remark. It could be a cat video (aren't those the best?!) Or it could be pointing out something hilarious that we read. But making others, especially each other, laugh is one of our main joys in life.


is the best medicine

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Reneé cries when she's happy. Or watching a Hallmark commercial. Or when others say how much they love someone. Or when she reads a blog she's currently writing or.... you get the picture. Often, when watching a movie or at an event, Kevin will look over, just to see if she's crying. Which most of the time she is.

If we can make someone else gain self-esteem by seeing how amazing they look in portraits, that is everything. When a mom cries at the beauty of her children's portraits, that's why we do what we do. When someone reads a blog about their session and it draws them closer together, we are grateful. And when we can help a businessperson connect with their audience by showing their authentically amazing self, we have done our job!


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