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Monroe County 2025 Senior Portraits

The first time I met this 2025 senior, Alyssa, was during her family portraits three years ago. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. So much has changed since then as she gracefully aged towards adulthood. Gone are the braces. But the kindness and joy I saw then still radiates from her.

high school senior girl wearing blue tank and jean shorts on bleachers

The first thing I noticed when I saw Alyssa again was how GORGEOUS her hair is. I asked her if she had gotten highlights because I saw beautiful thin strips of a lighter blonde and darker large areas of an almost lilac color. It was a nice surprise when she said it was all natural. I told her that was just one more thing she could thank God for. We did a few photos to really show off her hair as she walked to the next location.

2025 senior girl looking over her shoulder
teen girl looking over her shoulder during senior portraits
blonde senior girl turning so her hair floats as she turns

Don’t you just love how her hair floats as she turns to look over her shoulder? Next we changed outfits to an absolutely beautiful full-length orange dress. To say she looked stunning in it is an understatement. But one of the many things I love about this 2025 senior is that she is so much more than a pretty face. She not only had perfect attendance all through school but she got straight As and received outstanding senior in 4-H. All of this was while she also worked, danced and started her own photography business.

blond senior girl with floor length orange dress
close-up photo of Monroe County 2025 senior against stone wall

Doesn’t she absolutely radiate joy? She braved the heat and the mosquitoes like a champ. And want to know why she chose this orange dress? She wanted photos with her Bible because her relationship with God is very important to her. So she needed a dress to match the Bible. What do you think? Don’t they match perfectly?

2025 senior with her Bible

This Bible was hand-painted for her by a friend. Isn’t it beautiful? But the best part is that it isn’t just something that sits on a shelf for her. She has been reading and studying it chapter by chapter, taking notes of everything she wants to remember.

a girl in an orange dress reading her Bible
senior girl laying down with her Bible

Just so you know, the last several photos are among my favorite we have ever taken. I am going to keep coming back to these images and thinking “we took these?!!!” I hope Alyssa likes these as much as we do! Next we did a few walking photos before it was time for the next outfit.

girl in orange dress walking away
Monroe County senior wearing long orange dress and looking over her shoulder

Next we went down by the water at Barren River Lake State Park. This 2025 senior changed into a playful blue and purple paisley dress which matched the scenery perfectly.

2025 senior standing with water behind her

This was the perfect dress to swish, so we tried a few photos like that. And then her personality really came out. It was so nice to see the genuine smiles. I mean, if you have a party dress, you my as well have fun, right?

high school girl swishing her dress by the water

One thing I know, I’m glad I don’t have to be the one to choose what hangs on her wall. Alyssa definitely nailed her session. I’ve had the privilege of watching her photography business blossom over the last year. Many photographers would rather be behind the camera instead of in front of it. But she is comfortable on either side, and the camera loves her for sure!

over the shoulder pose of a 2025 senior sitting on a log with purple flowers in the foreground

We are about ready to wrap up her session. Just one more outfit to go. This was more of a fun professional look. And she got to wear one of her favorite colors: hot pink.

senior girl in black top and hot pink shorts

This year she is hoping to co-op at an elementary school so she can get some teaching experience. I think she will be amazing at it! She will balance patience and kindness with being the “fun” teacher every kid is drawn to.

senior girl leaning against a fence

And with that comes the end of this Monroe County 2025 senior session. Thank you, Alyssa, for choosing us! We wish you so many amazing things, both with the senior year to come and your photography business. We can’t wait to watch you thrive!

Love, Kevin and Renee


  1. Helen says:

    Alyssa is a beautiful girl. Love all of these amazing pictures, glad I would not have to make decisions on which are best

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