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Glasgow Real Estate Agent Branding

We absolutely love all of our clients. But every now and then, a client comes along that seems to be loved by absolutely everyone in the community. This is Deborah Morgan, a Glasgow real estate agent. She spreads joy and positivity everywhere she goes and comes up with some of the best one-liners out there!

glasgow real estate agent opening lock box

As we started at the front door, Deborah instantly showed us how much the camera loves her as well. Her nieces, owners of Two Brunettes Hair Company, did her hair and makeup in preparation for this brand session. She looked AMAZING!

Glasgow KY real estate agent standing at blue front door

After we did a few outside, we went in to the gorgeous kitchen of this beautiful home that’s on the market with her Glasgow real estate agency, Berkshire Hathaway. She fell in love with this kitchen and it was the perfect backdrop for a few headshots.

Glasgow real estate agent with a cup of coffee in a blue kitchen
woman leaning on counter in blue kitchen
real estate agent on the phone in the kitchen
Glasgow real estate agent smiling on the phone with a client

When I saw her on the phone, I could tell how much she loves what she does. She makes it a goal to make lifelong friends with each of her clients. It’s not just a job to her. Deborah wants to (and succeeds at) making a real difference in the lives of her clients. She loves helping make dreams come true, partnering her clients with their perfect homes.

real estate agent going through paperwork for first time buyers
real estate agent handing over the keys
real estate agent headshots

Whether someone is a first-time homebuyer or building their portfolio, Deborah’s knowledge can help every step of the way. When you can find a real estate agent that not only knows her stuff but can make the process fun, you’ve hit the jackpot!

real estate agent standing outside brick house
outdoor headshot for real estate agent

Next we took just a few more photos at this home before heading to our second location. This is her first brand session. Doesn’t she look like she’s done it hundreds of times? Her necklace says “I am blessed, loved, enough.” Absolutely she is!

real estate agent setting candlesticks on table
headshots for real estate agent

Next we headed to Bailey’s Point on Barren River Lake. Here we were able to make one of HER long-time dreams come true. She got a few photos with her nieces who are more like daughters to her. Many people say they look just like her. Beauty definitely runs in this family.

We were so happy to help her make this dream come true. You could see her absolutely beam with pride. When she’s with them, she’s home. And even more so when they’re together at the lake.

Finally, we did a few more of her by herself here at the lake. She wrapped up her photo session in style! When she’s not with clients, you can find her at the lake. So it was appropriate for us to do several of her here. And hats have become one of Deborah’s trademarks. You can often find her in one of her many hats, so I’m glad we got to incorporate that into her session as well.

real estate agent on a houseboat
woman looking out at the lake while holding her hat
Glasgow real estate agent enjoying a day at the lake

And that, my friends, is a wrap! Thank you, Deborah, for the privilege of photographing such an amazing woman! Keep spreading joy everywhere you go!

If you happen to know Deborah, leave a comment below and show her some love!


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