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Three Generations | Mount Hermon, KY

Have you ever heard the phrase “all because two people fell in love”? We were so happy to get the chance to photograph three generations. Their portrats capture how when two people are committed to each other, it shows. Not just in their lives but in the lives of their children and grandchildren as well. That was the case with this family from Monroe County.

Three generations in one image

When we drove out to get ideas for where to photograph, we were impressed at the beauty of the land that surrounds this family. Rolling hills with beautiful white fences. Cattle grazing in the background. And a lovely home with the most exquisite pool area out back. Very inviting, especially in the summer heat.

three generations all walking together

Three Generations All Together

We started the photo session out back with a little stroll of all three generations. The little guy started off shy, as many young ones do. So his family entertained him with tiny pine cones. And I got down on his level to ask him what his favorite show is. He proceeded to tell me he just watched the new Paw Patrol movie. He was trying so hard to hide behind his hand while holding back his excitement, telling me that Marshall is his favorite character. I asked him to walk like Marshall. But I was informed that Marshall falls down all the time. Ok, so maybe don’t walk like Marshall, haha. I asked if he wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up. No. I asked if he wanted to be a farmer and ride tractors. Definitely!

photos of the three generations

Then he was all smiles for a few family photos. The family was so full of joy. There were plenty of laughs in between poses. I absolutely love seeing families interact. All the inside jokes. All the memories shared between them. And the loving glances exchanged.

three generations all sitting on the steps

It was hard for me to believe that this family hasn’t had professional photos since the little man was born. They all were so natural. Like they were “at home”. Not just the physical location, but with each other. Sometimes, when you are put in a new experience, you just need family, someone to hold your hand for a little bit until you’re ready to stand on your own.

sister helping her brother get warmed up

It was amazing to see the bond between these siblings. She cares for him like a momma, and he absolutely adores her. Such a sweet connection they have.

a brother and sister sharing a sweet moment
brother and sister cuddling on the ground

No doubt, they have been able to see the bond their mother has with their uncle.

Two sets of siblings during extended family session

Our children learn more from example than they do by our words. They are part of a family who gets together as often as possible, who vacation together and who love each other.

enjoying time with their uncle

There is nothing in this world like family. And even though many of us have miles between us and other family members, when we’re able to get together, we pick right back up where we left off. And nieces and nephews are amazing! We get to spoil them, have fun with them and then leave them in the care of their parents. There’s a reason term “funcle” was invented. And you can tell that’s how they feel about him.

portraits of original family during extended family session

Even when children are all grown up, even if they have children of their own, they are still our children. Ones we taught, loved, and watched grow into the people they are today. Our parents are always the ones we turn to for comfort and for knowledge. Being able to call them or visit them is such a blessing. And having our children get to know their grandparents makes it even better.

portrait of grandparents with their grandkids. Two of the three generations

One of the closest connections we have in life is with our mother. There is something special about the relationship between mother and daughter. Someone that can be our best friend for life. So getting to photograph three generations of lovely ladies was a privilege.

three generations of lovely ladies

There was love throughout this session. And fun. We had such a great time on this farm and we were grateful for the opportunity to not only photograph this family, but to get to spend time with them as well. We enjoyed every second of it!

portraits of just the parents
family portrait
portrait of the kids
portraits of a mother and son
portraits of daddy and son

After he got warmed up, this little guy (oh, excuse me…this big boy; he doesn’t like to be called little) really turned on the charm. Seeing him with his mom and his dad really warmed my heart. They loved him very much. And that they knew how to have a good time, as you can definitely see in the next photo. You want me to hold you upside down? You got it!

portraits of father and son goofing off

And not only did they shine as a family, but especially as individuals. Besides the beautiful teenager take care of her brother, she did absolutely incredible on her individual photos. Beautiful inside and out.

portraits of the teenage daughter

Once she showed him how it’s done, we finished up with photos of her brother for his first professional photos since he was a baby. What do you think?

just portraits of the young boy

A natural, no? Just like the rest of the family. It was a privilege to be trusted for this wonderful three generation family session. These memories will last for years to come! We photographed this right after we got to see my parents for the first time in almost two years. This session reminded us to stick as closely to family as we can. They are the best part of life.

As we do at the end of each blog, this is a reminder to tell our families how much we love them. Spend time with them. Enjoy them! Until next time…

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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