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Portraits in Nature at Lakeview | Columbia, KY

When Tiffany contacted us for family portraits, we knew we wanted to go somewhere epic. The family is all about nature. They love hiking, boating, anything they can do outside together. When she said she would like nature scenes, barns, lakes, swings, boats….well there was one place that came to mind immediately! When many think of Lakeview Barn and Lodge, they think “weddings”. But it’s perfect for family portraits in nature! Just wait til you see how amazing this family fit right in at this scenic hidden gem in Taylor County, KY.

The foundation of this great family is a happy couple. I loved getting to see them interact. There were plenty of sweet moments, even when they didn’t know the camera was on them.

Aren’t their kids gorgeous?! And these outfits match their portraits in nature perfectly while still allowing the family to outshine the fall foliage.

The family said they hadn’t gotten family portraits in a long time. But you would never know it! The smiles came so naturally, you would think this happened every few months!

No matter what poses we threw at them, they handled them like pros. But this makes sense because they were in their element. Why we took their portraits in nature. Where you can’t help but feel free and enjoy yourself. When you can look around and see a lake and trees, you can feel right at home.

Watching the chemistry between the sisters was very entertaining. I have several siblings and I know how it goes. You get annoyed by them. You act like you want them to leave you alone. But you defend them to the end. Sisters are a gift that sometimes we don’t appreciate until we’re grown. But they are built-in lifelong best friends. And these two were no different. They couldn’t look at each other without cracking up.

All throughout the session, I had to keep showing them the back of the camera because I was so thrilled with how these were coming out. With that warm glow from the sun, it was stuff dreams are made of!

This swing is one of my favorite things about Lakeview. How can you sit on a swing and NOT smile? And just like I thought it would be, this was one of the highlights of the session for me. This is one of two swings at Lakeview. With the sun getting ready to set behind them, this was perfect!

Usually I have words for everything. But this literally left me speechless. Just gorgeous.

Next we took turns in the boat Lakeview has by the pond. They did much better than I do in a rowboat. You can tell they are used to it. I just row in circles, but they paddled out to the middle and then right back to shore. It’s all about teamwork. And this family works very well as a team!

This fountain called for a cute and cuddly family portrait. Kids grow up way too fast. We gotta get the cuddly pics while we still can! And I knew from the moment I ran around the boat to get closer up…this was going to be my favorite family portrait of the day! I am absolutely in love with it!

As the sun was getting closer to the horizon, we walked to our final spot of the session. There’s something about getting to see a family walk together unitedly. Life is a journey and if we get to walk it with those we love, we are truly blessed.

This walk led us to the other swing on the property. It was so tempting! So we went with the flow and had so much fun!

We took a few more family portraits down by the woods before we wrapped up. I know that family portraits aren’t usually very high on the list of what guys want to do, so I was so proud of dad! He did a great job the whole time and never complained once!

Now on to the very last portraits of the day, on the velvet green outdoor couch. The girls stood behind me trying to get dad to smile. And it worked like a charm! Look at this smile!

It was such a pleasure taking these family portraits. Beautiful views. Beautiful family. Lots of laughs. I’m so grateful they gave us this privilege! I leave you with one final set of photos.

Thank you, Tiffany, for working with us! This was fun and your family is beautiful, inside and out. We hope these portraits are everything you wanted them to be!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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