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Fall Portraits at Old Mulkey | Tompkinsville, KY

This is definitely my favorite time of year! And this year, everything is so much more beautiful. Prettiest autumn we’ve had in Kentucky in years! Monroe County has so much beauty, and one of the highlights is Old Mulkey State Historic Site. From the log meetinghouse to the wooden fences to the large variety of trees, so much to see! It was the perfect place for portraits!

When Leticia and I started planning this session, she had told me about the tragic fire where she lost everything, including all family photos. We needed to make this session extra special to create new memories to hang on the wall and cherish for years. When they got out of the car, I knew it was going to be great! From perfectly coordinated outfits to adorable smiles right off the bat! And you know what else, twins! I was so excited!

We started with the go-to shot for Old Mulkey, opening one of the windows and sitting on the ledge, all the while very careful!

How sweet are those smiles?! And look how the twins look at each other! I love it! All four of them totally nailed this session. After this, we moved to the steps for a few cuddly moments.

What precious moments this family was able to have together! Plenty of love to go around! We know what it’s like to have siblings. You fuss with each other but you wouldn’t trade them for anything! Time goes by so fast, you have to treasure these moments…

The girls ran right to the fence and hopped on. Big sis followed behind and naturally cuddled into them. Just enjoying nature and soaking up the time together. Then it was time to add brother in and take a few more photos.

The wind was blowing hair all over. The twins were playing a game of who could tag me first. Big brother was patiently smiling. Then a large gust of wind comes and drops leaves all over them. Oh the faces they made! It was hilarious!

I was trying to get pics of the twins individually and they kept moving together down the fence. Like staying apart was just too hard! I mean, twins are supposed to do everything together, right? They were cracking themselves up with their mischief. And it was adorable!

They moved so fast! I don’t know how mama keeps up but I give her so much credit! These two keep you on your toes! And giggles for days. I can see how they could keep themselves entertained for hours.

After a few of just the twins, we took individuals of brother and sister as well. I’m pretty sure they had their photos taken plenty because they just posed and smiled so naturally. Mama should be so proud of them!

Next it was time to walk around the other side of the meetinghouse. Watching them walk hand in hand was adorable! You could tell the girls really love and trust their older siblings. The way they looked up at them as they were walking just gives you all the feels!

Just a few more photos to go…. The girls were so focused on each other, I had them look at mommy and tell her they loved her. And those brought the most natural smiles of the day. Because it was true. So much love!

Just a few more individual photos and they were done! They did an amazing job! Mama said the twins would give us a run for our money, but I think they did great! Yes, we have some outtakes that are going to crack everyone up when the gallery is delivered. But these kids sure had fun and it showed! We enjoyed this session so much and felt like we got to be kids again, even for just a little bit.

When they were finished, they got to go to the playground they had been eyeing the whole time. And they deserved it because they did so good! Big sis hung back and took some photos of the building and her cousin. She just may be a photographer in a few years, so keep your eyes open for her!

Thank you, Leticia, for giving us the privilege of photographing your beautiful babies! We had a great time at Old Mulkey and they were awesome! And it couldn’t have been any more beautiful of a day! A little reminder to everyone reading this to hug your precious children and tell them how much you love them. This time in their life flies by so quickly! Go give them a little squeeze right now! You won’t regret it!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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