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Family’s First Portraits | Munfordville, KY

It’s hard to believe how time flies, right? It seems like just a few years ago, I met Michael when he was a teenager and we were in a week-long class together. But as I look back, that was 12 years ago! Where does the time go? Now he has a sweet little family of his own! When his mom contacted us to take their first portraits as a family, I was so excited! I mean, who doesn’t love babies?!

We tried a few weeks ago but the weather had other plans. It was one of the only rains we had in a month and it came all at once. But the family was so gracious and we rescheduled for two weeks later, hoping that the leaves would hang on just a little longer! And they did! Beautiful yellows, greens and oranges everywhere we looked!

We met at the Green River Park and the light was just perfect. There was only a half hour until baby Summer was going to be ready for a nap. We started down by the water with their family’s first portraits while her smiles were still plentiful!

After just a few, she started looking at daddy, so we let Summer guide the session and did a few “daddy and me” portraits. He is so in love with his new little one. It was so sweet to watch how he couldn’t take his eyes off her and did everything he could do make her smile.

Well we couldn’t let daddy have all the fun…so we did a few “mommy and me” photos. Just like daddy, mommy is totally smitten! Those cheeks are just way too kissable!

Soaking in all those kisses! Such bright eyes while momma is giving her all the love! From this session, we could tell how much babies thrive on love. When we were trying to get her to look at the camera and smile, she was only interested in all the colors around. But when she was being loved on, she lit right up!

She was so inquisitive! And she made the cutest faces ever! I love how a few times we caught her looking right at the camera like she knew exactly what she was doing!

We got several cute ones of her, so it was time to try a few more family photos. Since these were their first portraits as a family, we needed as many as we could get. We found a spot on the ground and spread out a blanket so we could sit and cuddle as a family! Don’t they look so cute together?!

Summer was starting to get a little sleepy so did some interactive photos to wake her up. Mommy and daddy didn’t mind. They love looking at this precious face!

Next we did a few of just Summer. After all, she’s the star of the show, right? These were her first portraits done professionally. We tried tummy time to see how she would do and she was amazing! She was fascinated with the leaves but looked around long enough to get a few adorable photos of just her sweet self.

I just love how many different expressions one baby can make! And she just held her tiny hands together so well. Like a little lady! Well right after this, she was ready for her nap, so we took a few minutes to feed her and let her fall asleep.

Aren’t sleeping babies just the most angelic thing? What a precious gift God has entrusted to parents. This tiny human to love, take care of and watch over. And maybe spoil just a bit… I love getting to watch families interact and see the kindness and tenderness, especially with a baby.

Thank you to the Green Family for allowing us this privilege of capturing these memories. Enjoy baby Summer and make every day count! We know next time we see her, she won’t be this tiny anymore!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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