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Family Maternity Portraits | Fountain Run

There is nothing more precious than bringing new life into the world. Sure, there are the normal complaints: crazy cravings, swollen ankles, getting tired. But ask any good mother…its all worth it! Feeling this life that you’ve helped to create growing inside you. Being madly in love with the other person who helped this life come to be. And knowing God trusts you to take care of this precious gift…what a privilege! That’s what maternity portraits celebrate.

maternity session on porch of Shaker Springs

Speaking of privileges, that’s how I felt when this family contacted us to take maternity portraits of their growing family. Not just a privilege, but an honor. Seeing how families interact and feeling the love flow out of them…it’s a beautiful thing to witness. Seeing how these two look at each other, you know they are so in love.

closeup of belly for maternity portriats

Love the his and hers camo wedding bands. A recent gift to celebrate seven years of marriage. Marriage is a commitment. It’s through good times and bad, sickness and health. It’s not all smiles and roses all the time. But when you are committed to each other and to making it work, it just keeps getting better! They already have a beautiful little girl who is so full of life! And now their maternity portraits are just the beginning of good things to come.

Family walking together during maternity portraits

She started off trying to be shy, hiding behind momma’s dress. But that didn’t last long. We went for just a little walk through the gorgeous covered bridge at Shaker Springs (just across the border of Barren County from Fountain Run, KY). In those five minutes, her personality really started to shine through!

looking up at daddy during maternity portraits

With the security of each of her parents’ hands firmly holding hers, she knew she was safe. She could just be herself. And THAT she was! At this age, you should not have a care in the world. Yes, you should know not to talk to strangers. But even that’s ok if mom and dad are around to keep you safe. She knew since mom and dad were happy with us, we must be ok.

family of three, soon to be four
family of three during maternity session

So she laughed. Giggled as she led her parents the way she wanted to walk. As she popped in and out from behind them as we were getting photos of just the two of them. As she sat on her daddy’s lap and played peek-a-boo with me from behind the camera. I’m grateful to her because with all her giggles, she brought out the real smiles from mom and dad, too. How can you not smile when you see this cheerful face?!

little girl in blue dress twirling on the porch

As she ran around the deck and twirled in her dress until she was almost dizzy. This is what a happy child looks like. This is our wish for every child. To have parents who truly love them and provide for them. For them to giggle and have the innocence of youth. And the beauty of it was that she had all of this freedom but still knew that when daddy said “please stand still”, she should listen. Amazing parenting from this couple!

Family dressed in blue for maternity portraits

So this is the family that this sweet baby boy is going to get to be a part of. He is already so loved. Not just by mom and dad. Or big sister. He has a whole community who can’t wait to meet him and love on him. But his sister may be the most eager. Any time we asked if she could go hug her baby brother, she was right at her momma’s belly, pressing her cheek into this beautiful bump that her brother is being carried in. Perfection when it comes to maternity portraits!

mom and daughter cuddling in maternity portraits

She already calls him by his name. And it’s so sweet to hear her say it. Apparently sometimes he kicks her when she’s hugging him. But as any of us who had or have siblings know, you just have to get used to that. But I think he’s just trying to hug her back. To give her a little tap to say “I feel you. Do you feel me?”

momma sitting in rocking chair

They bought the cutest little onesie for him. “Little but loud”. They said they should’ve bought a matching shirt for her. Haha. It’s ok, big sis! Be loud! If you’re spreading joy, shout it as loud as you can. We all need more joy. She is going to be an amazing big sister! The most important thing is that she loves him, and she’s already got that part down and she hasn’t even met him yet. But I feel like she will teach him so many good things. Speaking of teaching, I taught her how to take a photo with my camera. This is something I love to do with little ones on the session. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment. And the photos usually come out pretty good. Look how amazing this one is that she took:

little girl helping me take maternity portraits of her parents

We may have a future photographer on our hands! And she was so proud of herself! Rightly so! I couldn’t take photos that looked like this until I was 20 years old! There were some quiet moments too during the session where the family could pause and reflect on this new life about to enter the world.

black and white portraits

But the quiet didn’t always last. There was just too much joy to be had. And why not? These are very exciting times! Especially for a big sister! I love watching her because she is the age I was when my brother was born. I can’t remember anything from that age, so it’s like I’m seeing my memories through her eyes. Eager anticipation of great things to come!

maternity portraits by the water wheel at shaker springs

See, she’s not worried that she will have to share her mommy and daddy with someone new. She knows that sharing is a great thing. And the even greater thing is that love has no limits. It’s not like we are just given a certain amount of love to share and we have to divide it equally. No, our hearts just grow and produce more love. That way, there’s always more than enough to go around.

natural light portrait session in fountain run, ky

So, momma, as you reflect on this last month of your pregnancy, enjoy it. Though you are looking forward to meeting your little man and introducing him to his daddy and his big sister, cherish this last month you get to keep him all to yourself. What a special bond and an amazing gift! We can’t wait to meet him either! Thank you so much for trusting us with these maternity portraits of this beautiful time in your family’s life!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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