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Surprise Proposal | Campbellsville, KY

We had been planning a styled shoot at Lakeview Barn and Lodge for several months now. I had been eagerly anticipating this, as I knew the venue is gorgeous and the photos would be amazing. Also because the owner’s daughter and her boyfriend were going to be the models. I had seen the beautiful photos they have taken and couldn’t wait to get them in front of our cameras.

What I DIDN’T know until we got there is that he was going to use this opportunity for a surprise proposal! Eeek!!!! That just made our day so much better! So we planned with him how he wanted to propose, and we gave him the cues to listen for so he would know when we were ready to take the photos. First we started off with just the expected photos to show off this beautiful barn.

man and woman standing in doorway looking out
closeup of man and woman looking out of barn
sitting together on couch before surprise proposal

Then we tried to check and make sure the parents were ready for the surprise proposal. It took a lot of sneakiness and a little bit of misdirection, but we were able to coordinate things so she still had no idea. The parents weren’t ready yet, so we had time for just a few more photos. We took some out front where weddings will take place, overlooking the beautiful Green River Lake.

overlooking green river lake in campbellsville, ky

Then time for one last set of photos before the big moment. I was already getting super excited, trying not to give anything away. Careful of every word I said, making sure I didn’t let anything slip. It was so beautiful to watch them take a moment, knowing what was about to happen.

sharing a private moment right before the surprise proposal

Well now was the time! The family was ready! She is so camera shy and so she didn’t want an audience. But that’s because she didn’t know! The whole family headed over to the pond at this point. His parents still hadn’t seen the pond, so that was the cover story.

walking to the spot he would propose at

I was so excited by this point, I was literally shaking. Thankfully Kevin had enough composure to keep taking photos as this walk was literally the beginning of their journey together. This would be one of their last moments as boyfriend and girlfriend. When we got to the other side of the pond, we did a few more photos so she would think this was just part of the photo shoot.

bride has no idea she is leading the way to her surprise proposal

Then for the grand plan of the surprise proposal! He knew he wanted a photo of him holding the ring behind her back. So the cue was that I would say I wanted a photo that showed the height difference. That it was going to be different but just to trust me. So here’s the beginning of the plan…

the beginning of the surprise proposal

I love that this is the start of a proposal and she still has no idea! (That’s why they call it a surprise proposal, right?) He reached down into his pocket. Then I told him to put both arms around her. His smile speaks right to your soul! He is nervous that he will pull it off. But one thing he’s not nervous about is his choice. She is definitely the one for him. And you can see he feels that when you look at that middle photo. Then I say I’m going to try something different and I need them to step away from each other a bit and let me back up. And immediately he goes down on one knee.

he got down on one knee for the surprise proposal

You can see the shock on her face! At first, she thought he was just messing around and that this was part of the photo shoot to show off the location. But then she realized he was serious and her reaction was priceless.

she is so surprised

Reality had set in. She was getting married! To her best friend. To the guy who could make her laugh. Who could put her fears aside. The perfect one for her. Pretty much what has always been the dream guy: tall, dark and handsome. But this wasn’t just about looks. You could tell he wanted this to be perfect for her. He cared about her happiness. And she was DEFINITELY happy at this moment. And so was he as he placed the ring on her finger and triumphantly proclaimed “It fits!”

he liked it so he put a ring on it

Plenty of hugs for the new couple. And many celebratory hugs for the family as well as they welcomed them into each others’ families.

lots of hugs after the proposal

It was time to show off the ring. She couldn’t stop staring at it. Except to look back at him.

what a beautiful ring he gave her

She would admire the ring. And then him. Like both were too good to be true. But they WERE true. Sometimes life is even better than a dream. It’s these moments that mean so much and should be both celebrated and remembered. So glad the parents got to be at the surprise proposal to enjoy the moment!

both sets of parents were there to enjoy the moment

Then it was time for just the two of them. Time to soak it in. Enjoy alone time. Yes, we were there taking photos, but there is just something special about this moment right after. When they are beaming from ear to ear. When the whole rest of the world disappears and it’s just them. We may have been taking photos, but they were so lost in the moment, not sure they even knew we were there. And that’s how it SHOULD be.

amazing moments right after the proposal
sharing some sweet kisses

I am so glad he chose this moment to propose! It was very special for us to be there for this and it couldn’t have gone any better! Two people who love God, who love their families, and who love each other. This is the beginning of something truly beautiful.

walking through the garden

Speaking of beautiful…I don’t think there was any more picturesque environment for a proposal. Her family’s new venue that they built with their own hands. The whole time she was helping them beautify this place, little did she know it would be the setting for her dream proposal. After these photos, we took a walk back to the barn for one last set of photos before we moved on to the styled shoot.

pics of the two of them together on the counter

This may have been her dream come true, but it was a dream come true for us too. We were smiling the whole way home. This was one of the best days we’ve had in a really long time. So, Bridget and Hunter, we want to say congratulations! Thank you so much for trusting us to capture this amazing moment. Best wishes for your wedding and your marriage!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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