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Anniversary Session | Campbellsville, Kentucky

You know how they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? Well, I have never met a single person that did not think this family was beautiful. But the great thing is, their inner beauty is even brighter than what our eyes can see. Here to capture their anniversary session, I think about how amazing these people are. I met Gene about 12 years ago around the time I married Kevin. He was an incredible man, full of life and loved to laugh. He had the sweetest mama in the whole world. And he had a great relationship with God. We always enjoyed when he would visit our congregation to give a talk. He was so encouraging and full of joy.

individual photo during anniversary session

The Beginning of Their Story

Then one day, we hear the news: Gene is dating! Not long after, I was introduced to Ashley and fell in love with her just as much as we loved Gene. Someone else who had a zest for life and adventure, who loved to laugh and had a generous spirit. We knew right away that she would be a perfect match for him. Her mama was just as sweet as his. And she had the cutest kid I had ever seen! Takota. Pretty cool name, too. Early the next year, we were very honored to be present at their wedding. We could see the love. And feel it.

gene hugging ashley from behind during their anniversary session

Hard to believe that was six years ago! Time goes so fast! This Sunday, April 11th, will be their six year anniversary. If you know them, make sure to wish them a happy anniversary this week (or feel free to leave a comment below). To celebrate, we did an anniversary session and got a few with Takota as well. We met at the beautiful Lakeview Barn and Lodge. First, we started with a few family ones by the beautiful entrance to the barn.

Laughter During Their Anniversary Session

family portraits during their anniversary session

Once again, Kevin got everyone cracking up. I feel like I’m part of a comedy act instead of a photography team. But, hey, if people are having fun, why not?

individual pics with their son

Then we tossed a ball around for a little bit and took a few photos of Kota. Just give the boy a football and he is all smiles!

teenage boy with a football

Having a Blast on the Swing

Then they found the swing on the property. If a swing doesn’t bring out the kid in you, I don’t know what will. They each took their turn and we were laughing so hard, I almost forgot to take photos!

pushing her on the swing during anniversary session
teenage boy on a swing
woman on a swing

I mean, watching a grown man swing while hearing him shout “wheeeeeeee!”, life doesn’t get much better than that. We are always grateful for clients who are up for some fun during their session!

man on a swing

After the swing, we took a few with Gene’s sleek car. He is so proud of it! And rightly so.

a man and his car

Back to Our Anniversary Session

Well, back to the reason for this anniversary session. To celebrate their marriage. These two people are amazing individuals. But what’s great about marriage is that it can combine two incredible people and make them even better.

individual portraits during their anniversary session

That’s definitely what happened with these two. It feels like just yesterday we were driving down to Cleveland, TN, for their wedding. Even though it was six years ago, they are just as taken with each other as newlyweds.

cuddling together during their anniversary session

To be married to your best friend, that is an amazing gift. Knowing you have someone who absolutely adores you. To have someone to hold on to in good times and bad. And to have someone that makes you laugh. These two have all of that and more.

husband and wife laughing together

Doing Life With Your Best Friend

And to have someone beside you as we walk through this journey we call life… sometimes the road gets a little rocky and it’s so nice to have a hand to hold on to. Someone who won’t let us fall. Who can be a stabilizing force for us.

walking together during their anniversary session

Someone you can just sit quietly with. Sometimes the best moments are ones you can share in silence. That’s how you know you are absolutely comfortable with someone. You don’t have to talk. You can just be.

watching the sunset at the end of their anniversary session

A Wedding Prop For Their Anniversary Session

They brought the “guestbook” from their wedding that was signed by so many friends from her home. It was a B for their last name. They were trying to keep a straight face, but hearing him breathing in her ear got her laughing. He knows just how to get to her.

they brought their guest book to their anniversary session

So glad we got to take this anniversary session! The light was perfect. The clients were amazing. And we had such a good time! We have been planning this for awhile and I’m so glad it finally all came together. I mean…look at how awesome they look in these photos! Every photographer’s dream.

feeling at home with each other on anniversary session

Well that was the end of our anniversary session. We hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as we enjoyed taking them. Wishing Gene and Ashley many more years of marital bliss. A reminder for all of us: If you have someone you love, make sure you tell them! And show them. It’s all the little things every day that really add up. Until next time, here’s looking at you kid 😉

woman pulling down her sunglasses and smiling at camera

Have a great day everyone!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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