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Maternity Portraits on the Farm

I have been fascinated by Ashlee and Alex’s story from the moment I heard it, even before I met them. Ashlee’s originally from New York state like I am. She had the decision of where to move to set up her veterinary practice and chose Tompkinsville because it sounded like a place she could make home. Her love of animals led her to Alex. He had cattle and desperately needed her help one day. When she fixed up his prized bull, he took her out to dinner. Now at their six year wedding anniversary, they are celebrating a little one with maternity portraits!

maternity portraits tompkinsville ky

A first child is such a special time in any couple’s lives. But this one seems extra special. Ashlee and Alex have been wanting to start their family for a little while now. They were just ready to get medical help when their little miracle happened. As soon as we heard this wonderful news, Ashlee asked about maternity portraits. This is a time in their lives they never want to forget.

maternity photos on the farm
kentucky maternity portraits in cornfield

They have been showered with love by their friends and family who can’t wait to meet Evelyn Parker! Only about six more weeks and we will all get to see her beautiful face and decide whether she looks more like mommy or daddy. She already has daddy’s middle name!

beautiful pregnant mama in a cornfield
kentucky maternity photographer
Glasgow KY maternity

Evelyn will be blessed to look like either one of them. She will hopefully be a perfect mixture of both, but I’m really hoping she looks like her mama. Ashlee simply glowed in her maternity portraits.

growing family

When these two look at each other, you can see their love has only grown over these last six years. I have nothing but joy knowing this baby will be brought into a home with so much love. It’s said that babies grow best when they are shown love and attention, so be prepared for one strong, healthy baby!

new parents having maternity portraits

We decided next to go down to the spot where they had their engagement photos years ago. It was fun to take this little trip down “memory lane” and create new memories in the process.

maternity portraits on back road
walking portraits for maternity sesssion

As they start on this new chapter in their love story, you can see he can’t take his eyes off of her. As it should be! She looks beautiful and she has made him a father, the best gift any woman can give to her husband.

glowing mama

She took his hat off playfully for a second a put it on herself. I don’t think she knew at the time just how amazing she would look with his hat on. She was just having fun. But this next photo is probably one of my faves from the whole session. Wow!

maternity with cowboy hat

Was I right? Doesn’t she look amazing?! Now it was time for a few more photos of her without the hat on.

maternity portraits of beautiful mama in pearls and lace
maternity portrait session in Metcalfe County
full length maternity photo

Doc Ashlee is beautiful anyway, but this dress/pearls/hairstyle and makeup combo enhanced her natural beauty. I’m so excited she’s having a little girl! Think of all the adorable outfits and hairdos. They can have matching mommy and me outfits. So many fun things are coming! Speaking of fun things…we next went into a cow pasture. After all, these creatures are what brought Ashlee and Alex together. Prepare yourself for one of the funniest photos I have ever taken. I think someone gave this cow a cue because it played its part perfectly!

cow looking on at maternity portraits

Isn’t that hilarious?! I wish we could caption this! Now back to the maternity portraits.

maternity portraits in Tompkinsville, KY

The light had peeked in and out of the clouds the whole session. It was now backlighting them in such a beautiful way. This is their family farm. This is where their children will learn to love animals. It’s where they will learn about hard work and being a caring person.

full length maternity portraits with cows in background
glasgow ky maternity photos

We wrapped up the maternity portraits with the cows spotted in the background. Now the Pages could go out and celebrate their six year wedding anniversary. Just a few more weeks of being alone. A new chapter is coming and they’re here for it. This is what they’ve been waiting for! So I leave you with one last photo of good things to come:

cowboy boots for mama daddy and baby

Thank you, Ashlee and Alex for letting us be part of this amazing time in your lives. We can’t wait to meet her!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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