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Mother and Son Portraits | Bowling Green, KY

We have always felt there is something special about the bond between a parent and their firstborn child. But that’s true even more so when it’s a mother and son. This is a bond that lasts well into adulthood and something for any mom to cherish. We were grateful when Lindsay got ahold of us to photograph her and her precious little man. The day of the photos had turned a little chillier than the hot summer days we had seen in the weeks prior, but these two handled it beautifully!

a mother and son playing in the leaves

We started the portrait session by getting used to each other. He was already smiley but we let the little guy play in the leaves. He was having fun just exploring, as long as mommy was holding him close. They shared several sweet moments as they were experiencing this new place together.

black and white image of mommy and son

Everything was going perfectly….as long as mommy didn’t put him down. He didn’t like the grass beneath his toes very much. And that was just fine, because watching his mommy lift him up and bring him back down to her was the cutest thing ever.

bowling green ky portrait of mother and son at the park
kentucky portrait of mommy and toddler son
bowling green park mother and baby boy snuggling

You can see the huge grin on his face and only imagine the adorable giggles every time she would kiss him. Little lipstick marks left the proof of his mother’s love on his cheek. He knew he was safe and he was loved. All of this primed him to look right at the camera and smile big!

big smiles from mother and son
bowling green family portraits
young mom in pink dress cuddling son in blue striped jumpsuit

Sometimes it’s not easy to get a toddler to warm up to strangers, but this sweet guy had no problem as long as they were together, mother and son. They definitely completed each other. We briefly separated them to get some walking photos and he walked so quickly back to his mama, giggling the whole way!

toddler walking to his mother through the grass
excited mother as her son walks to her

And she was just as excited to have him walk to her as he was. She rocked him in her arms like they had been separated for the longest time! She had told me ahead of time that he was her “why” but it was beautiful to get to see it firsthand.

mother and son posing together in bowling green, kentucky

He was so proud of himself! And she was proud of him, too! You could see that on her face. He was her happiness. These smiles can’t be faked. He was now comfortable walking in the grass, so we decided to take a little stroll, mother and son together.

son holding his mother's hand

At first, he was a little apprehensive still. But after a tiny bit of time, he was willing to just start walking. As long as she was holding his hand, everything would be ok. Sometimes she would have to bend down to reassure him, but then he was ready to take off again!

black and white portraits of mother and son walking

It’s so adorable to watch the long strides babies try to take to keep up with their parents. Their little legs have to go so quickly, even when mama is trying to walk slowly.

baby walking beside momma

See how he’s keeping an eye on her feet? Literally watching her every step. He was trying so hard to be just like mama as he trusted her to lead him right where he should go.

It was now time to scoop him back up in her arms. Like I said, they couldn’t stay apart for long. He was being such a good little boy. He just wanted the security that came with being right close to his mama’s heart.

mother and son giggling together in family portraits

As she once again tried to wipe the lipstick off his face from all the kisses, he thought she was playing. It turned into the cutest little giggle session ever!

a mother's love for her son

Once again, he became camera aware and started posing. Look how he puts his hand right below his chin, like we planned that all along! I’m telling you, this little guy is just a natural. As is his beautiful mother! They were such a dream to photograph! Not to sound like a commercial….but wait, there’s more!

mother and son reading a book on a blanket

We put down a blanket and brought his favorite new book to read. He loved pulling down the tabs and seeing what was behind. And again, the giggles came out! This mother and son really knew how to have a good time! But they also knew how to be sweet and calm. He was leaning in and giving her the most precious cuddles.

a momma giving her baby boy some snuggles
mother and son cuddling portraits
mommy and son pictures

The cuddles turned into more play-time. I told her that the one of him grabbing her nose was very much one of those “Instagram vs reality” photos. This is what life with a toddler is like. And she loves every minute of it!

playtime at the park

Just a few more of mommy and son and we are almost done with the session. I told her at the beginning of the session after only five minutes that we already had enough for a full session because they had done so well! Lots of giggles and cuddles. But we were able to get so many more photos over the next half hour!

bowling green family portrait photography
a mother's love for her son
close up of toddler with blue eyes

Just look at those big blue eyes! How can you say no to that face?! There is so much sweetness in those eyes even though there’s the tiniest bit of mischief in the smile. He’s everything a little boy is supposed to be!

toddler portraits
bowling green toddler portraits

With these last few smiles, he became sleepy. And that was perfectly fine! We got so many amazing photos, this little man deserved to be done. We are so grateful to have met this beautiful mother and son. It was a privilege not only to photograph them, but to see their sweet relationship. Thank you, Lindsay, for giving us this opportunity! We loved meeting both of you!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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