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Neuropsychologist Branding | Glasgow, KY

We’ve known Amelia for about two years now. I asked her what she did for a living. Neuropsychologist. Well that was new to me, so I asked a few more questions. She said that very few people realize what she actually does. And it wasn’t until very recently that her close friends understood what she does. So when we met to dive deep into her brand in order to photograph the session properly, I finally felt like I understood what a neuropsychologist does. But yes, it’s very hard to explain…

inside the lobby of her Glasgow, KY practice

Her practice with Kentucky Neuropsychological Associates, is located in Downtown Glasgow, right off the square on West Front Street. Walking into the lobby is very inviting and very cozy. I’m sure that makes her patients feel very at home amidst worrisome circumstances.

neuropsychologist talking to a new patient in the lobby
helping a client fill out paperwork
neuropsychologist getting to know patient
friendly smile to make her patients feel welcome
neuropsychologist trying to figure out how to help patient

Going to a neuropsychologist can be daunting. It means you are most likely facing an illness, such as epilepsy or dementia, or you have seen changes in your mood or nervous system function. So Dr Anderson-Mooney wants to make the process as comfortable as possible. She has a very kind heart and a smile that can put you at ease instantly. She is more than happy to help with the paperwork and to answer any questions you may have.

She wrote a few books on neuropsychology

Dr Anderson-Mooney said that branding her neuropsychologist practice would be a challenge because she needed two very different outcomes for two different demographics. On one hand, she wanted to be approachable to patients who found her. She didn’t want to be intimidating. On the other hand, she wanted to be viewed as an authority on the subject of neuropsychology, not only by her patients, but especially by the doctors and lawyers who would refer patients to her. After all, she (literally) wrote the book on neuropsychology. Several of them, in fact.

intentional imagery to attract doctors and lawyers

Sometimes we see a pretty face and wrongly assume that there’s nothing more to the story. This incredibly intelligent woman knows her stuff! She may be beautiful, but her knowledge greatly exceeds her beauty. Any doctor or lawyer who was able to talk to her for even a minute would be able to see she is the real deal. She trained other neuropsychologists at UK and has been the expert witness in countless court cases.

explaining how the nervous system works
explaining everything about the brain

When I handed the brain model to Dr Anderson-Mooney for one or two photos, she immediately started giving us an anatomy and neuropsychology lesson. She told us what each part of the brain does and what happens when there’s an injury. She put it in the simplest terms so we could understand, but I’m so glad there wasn’t a test at the end! Whew! It was a LOT of information in a very short period of time.

explaining mris to a patients

Another thing Dr Anderson-Mooney often does is review MRIs with her patients. She is able to pull them up on her computer and show them exactly what is the cause of the symptoms they’ve been experiencing. She said MRIs only tell so much. But if she does cognitive tests and other tests, she can put those results together with the MRI and figure out exactly what’s going on. In her words, she’s a much nicer, more thorough MRI.

neuropsychologist explaining her findings
neuropsychologist explaining the diagnosis to patient and family

Once she has completed the tests with the patient and she has made her diagnosis, she goes over that with the patient and many times with whatever family members they bring along. Sometimes it’s easier to have a loved one sitting beside you when you get medical news. Based on this diagnosis, their doctors can figure out a treatment plan or where to go from there.

neuropsychologist relies heavily on coffee

So much of Dr Anderson-Mooney’s work happens behind the scenes. Just her and her computer. And coffee. Lots of coffee. She gets to set her own schedule, but with how many patients need her services, she has to stay organized and caffeinated.

kentucky neuropsychologist

Thank you, Amelia, for trusting us to take your brand photos. I already knew you were amazing, but hearing your knowledge during this session blew us away. Your patients will be so blessed to have someone with the perfect balance of kindness and wisdom. We can’t wait to watch your practice expand over the next couple years!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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