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RNF CrossFit Branding | Glasgow, Kentucky

It doesn’t seem like it’s almost two years since we were introduced to the amazing owners of RNF (which stands for ReNewFit…not just body conditioning, but complete renewal from the inside out). Isaiah 40:31 had a huge influence in choosing their name, where in part it says “they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength”.  I had been seeing work that they were doing with my friends who do CrossFit. I was a little jealous. Ok, I was really jealous. I missed workouts. I liked what I was seeing come out of this local gym. So when we got the opportunity to do branding photos for them, we jumped at the chance. And we joined the gym. Win win!

Kevin and Sarah having fun at work

Kevin and Sarah moved here from Oklahoma and have quickly become a staple in the Glasgow community. They have four beautiful children. Sarah is certified in nutrition. Kevin is a class two CrossFit trainer. Their slogan for RNF is “Building the Best You”. This starts with a Foundations Class where Kevin goes through the nine foundational movements of CrossFit. It’s set up into six classes over the course of a month. This gets you ready to do the moves with correct form once you add weight. 

CrossFit coaches at RNF

Several athletes that we have worked out with have gotten their CrossFit L1 certifications in the last year and became coaches. It has been inspiring to watch everyone grow.

Gym equipment being used

Their equipment is top-notch. What you would expect to see at a gym in a big city. And we are privileged to have this available for us right here in our own town! Now, of course, Kevin and I live in Tompkinsville, but it’s worth the 32 minute drive to have access to not only the equipment but to the expertise of the Morgans. There have been many times we’ve seen them be the motivating factor in someone reaching a fitness goal they never thought possible. Our favorite example of this is Lucas, who has lost over 100 lbs and has gained both muscle and confidence.

Lucas has lost over 100 lbs working with RNF CrossFit

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a runner. But when we did our one mile benchmark, Kevin M got in the car after his run to come cheer on those of us that lagged behind a bit, namely me. Then he had everyone come outside for support as I finished. That is the community he is trying to establish. One where everyone feels “worth it”. Also, my shoulders have given me problems for the past year, but he has scaled workouts so that I can still get as much benefit but not aggravate my shoulders.

Coaching and setting expectations

He knows when to push and when to stop. He wants everyone to reach their full potential, but he also does not want anyone to push past it. Plus, he keeps us safe when our pride would otherwise put us in danger. One of his main sayings is “leave your ego at the door.” That’s hard to do sometimes, but one of the main jobs of a trainer or coach is to get you stronger, not hurt.

One of the events he has every month for the community is Friday Night Lights. This is a friendly competition open to the entire community. You do not have to be a member of the gym to compete. And even if you can’t do all the movements, he has scaled options so you can do the best for you in your fitness journey. There is always food (Usually pizza.) People bring their families or friends to cheer them on. Anyone is allowed to come, even if they don’t want to participate.

Different movements at Friday Night Lights

We’ve seen some pretty impressive things at all of the Friday Night Lights we’ve been to. And Kevin usually gets to compete after he takes pics for the first two rounds. We all work out at different times of the day. But this gives everyone a chance once a month to work out together and encourage each other.

Another event RNF has open to the public are Hero Wods (wod is short for “workout of the day”) on all holidays. These are usually more strenuous workouts that honor ones that gave their lives in service to others. The first we attended was Hotshots 19. This was in honor of the men who gave their lives in the wildfires in Arizona. They were known as the Granite Mountain Hotshots. You may have seen the movie about them “Only the Brave“. If not, it’s an excellent movie and we highly recommend. So the day started with a video about those who died so that ones could have that in mind when they worked out. The most notable one is the Murph, held on Memorial Day, which is usually over an hour.

One of the absolute best parts is seeing athletes all support each other. It may be friendly competition, but we really want to see each other succeed. We hear so many words of encouragement as we photograph these events. And everyone genuinely enjoys the camaraderie and friendships they find there.

One more thing I can’t forget to mention. These CrossFit workouts are available to all ages and all fitness levels. There is a kids’ class that takes place a few times a week. And there are older athletes who show up and put in the work. Don’t be afraid that you aren’t fit enough to come. Every exercise is scalable and there truly is something for everyone, whether beginning, intermediate or elite.

And as you can see, the coach gets right in there with the rest and holds nothing back. 

CrossFit coach at end of a workout

If you haven’t had a chance to check out RNF, we encourage you to do so. You will not be disappointed. You will find community, challenge, and coaching. You’ll find a brand owner who truly cares about you and your all-around well-being. You will receive an app where you can keep track of your progress and encourage others in theirs. Click here to get to their website. Or click here to check them out on Facebook. You can also see an interview with Kevin and Sarah here. And if you have already been supporting this amazing local brand, please click here to give them a review on Google. Thank you so much for supporting local businesses!

Enjoy a few last photos!

Sincerely, Kevin and Reneé

Friday Night Lights at RNF CrossFit


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