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Proposal at the Fountain | Bowling Green, KY

Planning this proposal at the fountain in downtown Bowling Green was so fun! Austin had contacted us about a month ago to photograph his engagement portraits right after his proposal. I suggested he include the proposal in the photos because what girl doesn’t want to relive this memory over and over again?

We made all the plans for when and where to meet, how to pull off the proposal without her figuring it all out and basically choreographed the whole thing with Austin. He was getting her flowers, having her get dressed up, getting her nails done, the works! The day of the session, everything went ahead of schedule. How often do things actually go AHEAD of schedule?! But we rearranged a few things and told him to head to the original meeting spot, Spencer’s at the square. We were about 25 minutes away (90 minutes before our meetup time). By the time we were heading into Spencer’s, Becca wanted to walk around the square. So we changed our plan and everything worked out even better than we planned.

I walked up to the two of them near the fountain. They looked so adorable holding hands as they walked. I told them so and asked if I could take a few photos of them for my portfolio. After checking that they had enough time before their evening plans (Austin played the part so well by checking his phone and agreeing we had a little bit of time), they agreed to do this favor for me.

We took a few off to the side of the park. I asked her to pose with her arms around his neck and said “I’m assuming y’all are in love.” Yep! For four and half years! It was so fun pretending we didn’t know them at all. I had to ask their names right off the bat so I didn’t accidentally call out their names and give away that I already knew them.

Man in plaid shirt cuddling redheaded woman in sleeveless floral dress.

We took a few more photos and then it was time for the actual proposal at the fountain. I asked them to take one photo holding hands and looking away. I’ve never tried that pose and it helped me look like I was still trying things out to see what worked and what didn’t. Then I had them face away from each other. Next, I asked Austin to turn towards her and for Becca to stay how she was.

man getting ready for his proposal by the fountain in downtown bowling green ky

There was a little struggle getting the ring out of the back pocket, so I pretended like the camera was having a hard time focusing so she wouldn’t wonder why it was taking so long. But once he checked the ring box and made sure everything was right, he got down on one knee. All of the planning came together for this one perfect moment!

Downtown Bowling Green proposal at the fountain

I wasn’t able to hear what he actually said, but it was the sweetest private moment between the two of them. When I had asked Austin ahead of time how he knew she was “the one”, he replied “She makes me the best possible version of myself and supports me through any ups and downs we encounter.”

She said yes!

She said yes!!!! And onlookers cheered at this proposal at the fountain! He picked her up and they embraced in the sweetest celebration of their new commitment to each other!

putting the ring on her finger after his proposal at the fountain in downtown Bowling Green KY

Then Austin placed the cushion style white gold diamond ring on her hand as a token of the promise they had just made. It fit perfectly on her finger! All of the secret calls to her family, the planning with her best friends and the arrangements we made were well worth it! They were now engaged to be married!

newly engaged couple in Bowling Green, Kentucky

We took a few quiet moments to celebrate. This love wasn’t new. But now it had been confirmed. They wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

a man kissing a woman's forehead as her new engagement ring sparkles

Now we would head to another spot in Downtown Bowling Green for engagement photos. Watching them walk together was so sweet. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. And why should he? She looked gorgeous!

rooftop photos in downtown Bowling Green

I loved watching them interact. The way he would make her laugh… They were just so comfortable together and you just knew they belonged together.

newly engaged couple in Bowling Green

We did a few twirling photos and she said he does this all the time. He loves to spin her around and show her off! This just came so naturally to them and you could see the joy on their faces.

engagement photos in bowling green ky

It was time for just a few more photos and then they could get on with their evening to celebrate their new engagement. We walked back to our original meeting spot. Again watching them walk together was just so natural and perfect. As he stopped to give her a kiss, my heart was so grateful for this moment.

downtown Bowling Green engagement photos

So now we leave you with just a few more photos, a tiny glimpse into this part of their love story. We wish them all the best as they plan their wedding. We get to witness so much love in our business, but every now and then, a couple comes along that you just feel were meant for each other. And that is Austin and Becca.

Bowling Green ky engagement photos of hands closeup and him brushing hair away from her neck
engagement photos behind spencer's in bowling green
newly engaged couple embracing in front of a white wall
kentucky engagement photos
photos after proposal in downtown bowling green

Thank you, Austin, for contacting us for this amazing session! And thank you to Becca for making this so easy for us. Y’all are an amazing couple and we are beyond happy for the two of you! Keep writing a love story for the ages!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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