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Newborn Session at Home | Tompkinsville, KY

We have photographed for the Smith family several times now, each time making us feel more like family. When they told us last year, shortly after loss, that they were having another baby, we were so thrilled for them! And then when we did a gender reveal (you can read that blog here), we were over the moon for them. Now they would have one boy and one girl. So I counted down the months, weeks and days until we could do their newborn session. I couldn’t wait to meet this precious little girl!

stats of new baby girl

Here she is! Precious little Wrenlynn Iris. Typically on a newborn session, the baby just wants to sleep. Not Wren! She was wide awake. And she just laid there and let us take her photos. But she had a lot to live up to. Her brother had always been incredibly photogenic. She needed to carry on the tradition.

full length photo on the bed during newborn session

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?! I never would believe she’s only 11 days old in this photo. Perfectly posed with the sweetest expression! But just like her brother, she had so many other facial expressions. Check out a few of those in the next couple photos:

baby girl with a bow during her newborn session

Since she was being so good, we decided to try to get a couple with her big brother. But of course, then she decided to go to sleep. Which is totally fine because we got some very sweet moments.

big brother kissing baby sister in newborn session

He loves his little sister so much! Look at how he stares at her. Like he is trying to memorize all the cuteness! And then the sweet little kiss! I absolutely love it!

a big brother interacting with his baby sister

How precious! Doesn’t he look so proud of her? Who’s the cutest little girl around? This girl! They were so sweet together, I had to make one of the photos into black and white. He had the most timeless outfit on and he was cuddling her head so gently, this moment needs to be remembered forever.

black and white photo of siblings during newborn session

It’s hard being a big brother, so we took a break after this. He got to go play while we let mommy have a turn during this newborn session.

mommy and newborn
mommy admiring her newborn
kisses from mommy at newborn session

Mommy looks down at her with so much appreciation of this amazing life that God gave her to take care of. A perfect little girl. Now mommy isn’t outnumbered anymore. Except that everyone in the house looks just like daddy. And she wouldn’t want it any other way.

mommy looking at her newborn baby

Then it was daddy’s turn. She is sooooo tiny in his arms. This precious life was such a gift and his sweet kisses say it all.

daddy and his little girl in newborn session

After daddy got his turn with his new lookalike, we did a few photos of mommy and daddy with their little girl together. Big brother had his chance to do photos with mommy and daddy when he was a newborn, so this was little sister’s chance with both her parents.

newborn with mommy and daddy

So much sweetness in one family! And I know exactly why. It all starts with the love the parents have for each other. And in the next photo, you can see that even through the stresses of newborn life, these two people have so much love and respect for each other. They enjoy each other’s company and they love to laugh together.

mom and dad enjoying each other's company

Isn’t that sweet? Now it was time to see if we could sneak just one family photo in. Big brother was enjoying playtime so much, we weren’t sure if we could get him to sit still for one photo. But we did! So excited we got these beautiful photos of the whole family!

family portraits during a newborn session

Now that we were able to sneak these few family photos in, it was time for a few more photos of just the precious girl. After all, it was HER newborn session! She is the star.

rainbow pillow behind newborn because she is a rainbow baby

Since she is a rainbow baby, we wanted to put this pillow behind her. Since her parents dealt with loss before she came along, she is the rainbow at the end of their storm. She brings so much hope and joy to this family!

newborn with bonnet

We wanted to do a few timeless photos of her in a sweet baby bonnet. Isn’t that just adorable?! Doesn’t she look like she’s having sweet dreams?

newborn hands and feet

Look at her tiny hands and feet! Right now, her hand barely fits around daddy’s finger, but in actuality, she is the one who has daddy wrapped around her little finger. Life revolves around her right now. As it rightly should. Her precious life is so delicate and her family wants to keep her safe.

up close photo during newborn session

No doubt about it…this girl will be very loved and taken care of. Everything in her nursery tells you her parents rely on God for strength. And she will always have an amazing sense of style if she follows in her mommy’s footsteps.

So now, as we are at the end of the session, I will share just one more side by side photo of their two precious children. These two blessings are what life is all about!

individual photos of siblings

Thank you, Smith Family, for always trusting us with these amazing moments in your life. We appreciate you taking us on this journey that is your life. We love your whole family and we can’t wait to keep watching these two sweet babies grow!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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