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Downtown Luxury Suites | Tompkinsville, KY

There’s a certain charm about historic southern towns, especially downtown. Being able to walk down a main street and know that over two hundred years ago, ones were walking down the same street their descendants travel today. To be able to look at the historical society and see what it looked like in days past. Being able to visit grave sites from the days of the civil war. To know you are in a place with a rich history. My whole life, I came to Tompkinsville to visit my grandmother. We would go to Old Mulkey, take a drive across the ferry, get barbecue and see all the other little things Tompkinsville had to offer.

Traveling to Downtown Tompkinsville

People come to Tompkinsville for many reasons. When Kevin worked at Stephen’s Manufacturing, he said ones would come from around the world to tour their factory. There are many other businesses who get visitors as well. Millwood, Inc, Cleary Construction, Anderson Forest Products, Precision Engineering, and many, many more. Many even come through our own Tompkinsville Airport! Ones visit for family reunions, weddings and funerals. Doctors, nurses, administrators and others need a place to stay when visiting Monroe County Medical Center or Signature Health Care. Maybe there is an event happening at Monroe County High School, especially graduation. And of course, we have the Watermelon Festival and the Roller Coaster Yard Sale! For such a small town, we definitely get our share of visitors! Plus we are located halfway between Dale Hollow Lake and Barren River Lake, so there is much for the outdoor enthusiasts as well!

If people are anything like me and Kevin, we prefer to stay somewhere that we have the whole place to ourselves. We like to have our own bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, everything! We like to cook our own meals. To be able to wash our clothes. We like to be able to come and go as we please. And we don’t want to be somewhere that we can hear others running up and down the hallways or listening to loud music. Just some peace and quiet. Well finally, Tompkinsville has something just like this to offer. And right on Main Street! Somewhere that is a short drive to pretty much anything you want to do. And there are even several restaurants within walking distance!

Historic Downtown

These two beautiful suites, which can be rented out separately or together, sit right above the beautiful Flower Cart and Gifts. This downtown building was the old Deposit Bank building, dating back to the late 1800s. It has been recently renovated and the place is just gorgeous, with the old time feel merged with modern amenities. The owner has taken great care to beautify these places with all the charm she puts into everything she touches. I have always admired her home. Then I got to see apartments she rents out on a permanent basis and could see what great taste she has. So when we were called to photograph these two new suites, I already had high expectations. But I was simply blown away by how beautiful they are.

She has thought of absolutely everything! Do you need internet? It has that. Do you need a recliner? Yep, it has that too. Do you want fresh brewed coffee? Check. Do you want to watch tv in your bedroom? You can do that too. She asked us right before we took these photos what we look for in a place when we’re staying out of town. Everything we listed, these places have. So pretty much, these are our ideal places. Too bad they are in our hometown, because we probably won’t get to stay here. But we are going to recommend them to everyone we possibly can.

They are in our price range too! Obviously I won’t put prices on here because those change over time. But for everything someone is getting with these downtown suites, it is definitely more than fairly priced. Each suite has more than one bedroom as well, so each suite could be shared by a family, by two couples, by two or three businesspeople, or any number of combinations.

The building sits across from the old courthouse. The entrance is on the bottom right of the building and opens up to one flight of stairs to the second floor.

At the top of the steps sits a hallway with a massive skylight, letting in all the natural light from above. The A Suite is the first one you come to on your left and the B Suite is at the end of the hallway, pictured above. But do you know what else is in this hallway?!

An actual antique vault from the old bank! Of course, it’s locked and none of us have the combination. But just seeing it there adds intrigue. Like a puzzle just waiting to be solved…

Downtown Luxury Suite A

When you open up the door to Suite A, you are greeted with a sign welcoming you to Tompkinsville. And there is a place to hang your coat or hat. Then there is a short hallway that opens up to the lovely main room.

A very comfortable open space where you can sit back and relax. You can have a place to wind down after a long day of work. Or you can catch up with family you haven’t seen in forever. There are so many possibilities for this space!

You can curl up in a chair with one of the several blankets provided and read a good book. Or you could journal your adventures for the day. You can bring your laptop and do some much needed work.

You can make your own dinner with all the pots, pans and utensils provided. Then you don’t even have to do the dishes after you eat (except the pots and pans of course) because a dishwasher is installed. There is plenty of room in the fridge for any groceries or leftovers you want to store.

And the dishes provided are very classy and elegant. Very high quality. And so pretty. Sometimes rentals do not give all the fancy amenities. But these suites are above and beyond most expectations for rentals.

The master bedroom has a king size bed with a nightstand on the side. There is a dresser and a closet on the opposite wall and a cozy spot next to the window. The shades close all the way to create a very tranquil environment so you can sleep well or they can open up so you can read by the window with the natural light.

The second bedroom has two queen size beds, separated by a nightstand with flowers atop it. There is a walk in closet with cubby holes and plenty of room to hang your clothes! Might be a great spot for a game of hide and seek as well! There is a beautiful antique dresser. And up in the loft area, she has it uniquely decorated with antique luggage.

The bathroom is also very beautiful with a tile shower, large vanity sink and washer and dryer. Plenty of light for getting ready. And shampoo and conditioner that smell amazing!

As I’m writing this, I’m still amazed that all of this is in one suite located in the heart of Tompkinsville.

One last look at this gorgeous space and I’m off to the next suite! The first suite was amazing! But Suite B was even more my style! I loved absolutely everything about it!

Downtown Luxury Suite B

It feels brighter. There is more color. Same Tompkinsville sign on the wall. Just as welcoming. But the feel of these two suites is very different. Which is great! Everyone has a different style. Between these two suites, you should feel right at home in at least one of them!

You can still see the brick from the original bank building. And the bar stools tuck so nicely into the table. You can pull one out if you get the urge to bring your guitar and play a bit.

Just like the other suite, this kitchen is fully stocked with all the goodies! Dishes, pots, pans, coffee, even a toaster tucked away in the cabinet.

Moving on to the master bedroom, I feel like I could just live in this room! The lighting is perfect. The aesthetics are gorgeous. The bed is comfy. It just feels like home, you know?

The second bedroom is much more quaint. And it reminds me of the Victorian era. A much more simple time. With its queen size bed and chest of drawers, this is a very peaceful room. Away from the modern world. A place to just relax.

Around the corner from this room is the bathroom. It is even more magnificent than the first. It still has a tile shower. But the double vanity sink is simply gorgeous! And this suite also has its own washer and dryer.

Again, everything I could ever want, all in one place. If these downtown luxury suites were available to live in, they would be snatched up in a heartbeat. So let’s make sure everyone possible gets to enjoy these. Help our family and our out-of-town guests feel at home while still maintaining their privacy. What’s not to love about these two suites?!

As I turn and give one last look at the beautiful décor of this B suite of Main Street Tompkinsville’s The W Suites, I am looking ahead to how many amazing families and businesspeople are going to enjoy these comforts of their home away from home! Our downtown just keeps getting better and better!

With gratitude, Kevin and Reneé


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