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Lifestyle Family Session | Tompkinsville, KY

We have had the privilege of photographing two amazing sisters and their families. We have gotten to watch children grow and even get to witness an adoption. Now we would photograph a lifestyle family session for the third beautiful sister. To say we felt honored is an understatement. We are so grateful we get to become like family with our clients.

The older sister wasn’t too sure about strangers. But then she got to hold her baby sister. Only three weeks in and she is already the best big sister.

Their matching outfits with “Big Sister” and “Little Sister” along with their names were absolutely precious. And the way she kept kissing on her baby sister. She just met her and she’s already in love with her. And we can’t blame her one bit! We fell in love pretty quickly too!

We were able to capture a few of her sleeping so peacefully. And her tiny little piggy toes! God sure knew what he was doing when he created babies! Totally irresistible! I could have held her all day, but we needed to get these portraits. So instead, momma got the privilege of holding her again.

Momma needs to soak it all in. Because even with the late nights and the constant tiredness, she wouldn’t trade it for the world. They are only tiny for such a short period of time and it always goes way too fast.

As she looks at her new one, she can remember it seemed not long ago she was a first-time mom with her first baby girl. Where has the time gone? This is one reason we need to capture this precious time in their lives. Every week they change, even almost every day. But for now, she’s tiny, able to fit in the crook of momma’s arm.

Pretty sure we even got the tiniest smile out of her. We’ll take it! Her nursery is done up in the old fashioned Winnie the Pooh. She had many of Christopher Robin’s friends there to keep her company. My childhood room was done in this decor, so this floods back so many memories. With friends like Tigger and Piglet, you can grow up with such an imagination and sense of wonder.

Then we decided to get a few with mom and dad since big sister had these photos taken when she had her parents all to herself. This little one was going to have at least a few brief moments to be in the spotlight with both parents.

I loved this too, because you could see how much love they have for each other as a couple. Anyone can see they are wonderful parents, but that all starts with having love and respect for each other. And they had plenty of that. You could see it in the quiet moments.

So sweet! To have parents who truly love each other is such a gift to their children. They can feel safe and secure, knowing their parents will be right there together as a team. So as a team, it was time to get the kids ready for the family portraits. Dad took care of big sis, since she’s a daddy’s girl. You could hear the giggles as they roughhoused a little. And then she climbed in his lap to see the book they brought for her sister’s photos.

She was having fun with a jack-in-the-box while she was waiting for her sister to get dressed and eat a little more. Those things scare me every time. She was trying to reassure me that there was nothing to be afraid of. I realized in these moments just what an incredible big sister she is going to be. She will watch over and protect her sister and calm her fears.

Just look at how sweet she is, trying to comfort her while her sister is being changed.

Now it was time for a few family portraits. We would take turns sitting for a portrait and jumping with the shout “Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!” Oh to be young again without a care in the world!

Then it was time to head outside for just a few more photos. Big sister got to be the star for a minute with all her sass and her hilarious sayings. She was cracking us up, repeating the things her parents told her to say. We even got to see a few karate moves. She is definitely full of personality!

And remember me saying she was daddy’s little girl? Well you can definitely tell in these next few photos. She couldn’t wait to run to him and be scooped up in his arms!

Daddy then got to take his turn with his sweet new daughter as well. There is something to be said about looking at someone so precious. Like what did we do to deserve such an amazing gift as this beautiful tiny human? She loves reaching up and playing with his beard. I can already tell they will have an incredible bond as well.

So I leave you with just a few more family portraits. Momma said she wanted to remember how much love they all have for each other and there is no denying it when you get to see them all together.

Thank you Coffelt family for allowing us the privilege of photographing your beautiful family! We look forward to watching these little ones as they grow!


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