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With the Grandparents | Glasgow, Kentucky

Almost a year and a half ago, I had the privilege of meeting this adorable baby in Glasgow, Kentucky. So sweet for her one month old photos. And that day, I could see the amazing bond her parents already had with her. We also got to hear how proud her grandparents were of her. Then five months later, we took some photos of her with pumpkins and she made the most hilarious faces I had ever seen. It did not take long to fall in love with this baby.

eighteen month old with pumpkins

Here we are, a year after those six month photos and she has grown so much! She finally has pigtails! Her face is still amazingly expressive but the smiles were much more plentiful. Her personality is being shaped by those around her. And if she turns out like either one of her parents, she will be a beautiful person, inside and out.

baby standing by the welcome sign

The house has a large welcome sign, and that’s exactly how you feel when you come here. And if she doesn’t just make you feel all the warm fuzzies as she shyly greets you…

family portrait on the front porch

Anyone with children knows…kids will be kids. They may not always pose the way we intended. They may stand when we want them to sit, or vice versa. But if we let them be kids, they’re going to do cute things anyway, right? She definitely proved that theory true. We let her be herself and look how she puts her hand on daddy’s knee and gives an adorable smile. I couldn’t have gotten that pose if I tried!

family with the dog

Speaking of things I didn’t think possible…an almost eighteen month old AND a Great Dane both looking at the camera and smiling. What?! And with her hands placed on her mommy like she’s proud. Which she should be! She has wonderful parents that are loved by everyone who knows them. I have been begging for a year to photograph this gorgeous dog. My wish finally came true this day. Right after Kevin chased her all over the yard. I think she was wore out enough for this photo to stay still for a second and pose perfectly. Great job, Prim!

grandmothers on both sides
with both grandmas

Then it was time to take a few generational photos. Three beautiful ladies right here! Her grandparents tried to keep her occupied for a few photos as she was still intrigued with the pumpkins. But again, she looks cute no matter what, right? When photographing a baby, things don’t always go as anticipated, but if you can laugh your way through it, you have these adorable memories to look back on.

baby with her father's mom

And laugh we did. Some of it was just at how cute she was being. Then at abuelo making choo choo noises and dancing to get her to smile. Some was at how crazy we all acted just to get her to look our way. But worth it, no? Just as comfortable as can be in her paternal grandmother’s arms. That smile that can light up a room…from both of them! How adorable! Aren’t grandparents the best?!

cuddling with her grandparents

Then it was time with the maternal grandparents. Sometimes, the cutest photos are ones we pose to look like they just happened. But in this case, no posing necessary. She is so loved by her grandparents that it just flows freely. The forehead kisses, the temple grazes, and the big hugs. They absolutely adore her. Brings to mind the phrase, loved not spoiled. You can tell that she is their pride and joy.

carmen standing with her father

And they’ve had plenty of practice. Look how absolutely in love this man is with his daughter. He practically begged me to take a photo of just the two of them. And when I did, wow! I’m used to seeing dads look at their grown daughters like this on their wedding day. But to see it in day-to-day life brings tears to my eyes. Everyone should be so proud of their children as he is of her.

baby held by her daddy

Thankfully the next generation gets to experience the same feeling. This is one more dad that is so in love with his daughter, he almost can’t take his eyes off her when she is around. Even on bad days, one look at her and a smile can’t help cross his face. I got to witness after a strenuous workout, when anyone would be exhausted, she was brought over to him and his face just lit up. This is something I wish for every child.

mom and daughter portraits

Just like I wish every child to have the innocence of youth, to get to laugh and be silly. Sometimes she just cracks me up! Just like her momma. My wish is for her to have her mother’s sense of humor. And based on these photos, I think that just may happen. Sometimes when you see the serious looks she gives, you don’t realize this crazy, enthusiastic, hilarious side of her exists. But just sing her a song and it comes right out. All the wiggles a little one can manage while grinning from ear to ear.

portrait of baby with dad and grandma
portrait of baby with mom and grandparents

So glad we got to take some photos of all three generations. Family is so important. I have been reminded of this so much in the last year. We need to soak up all the time we can with them. Enjoy the fun times. Let the little annoyances go. And thank God for the blessing of a family who loves us. Thank you so much to this family for letting us get just a tiny peek at the love they share among them. As always, at the end of our blogs, this is a reminder to tell those in your lives how much you love them. It only takes a second, but it means the world!

Love, Kevin and Reneé


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