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Senior Portraits on the Farm | Tompkinsville, KY

Senior Portraits of a Gentleman

I’ve noticed that many people feel like they have to fit into a certain category or group, wanting to be accepted and identified with a certain title. Some are bankers, some are lawyers, some are cyclists, some are musicians. But then you find the rare ones that are just themselves. They realize they can be a cowboy, a musician, a caring friend, an amazing brother, a loving son, a devoted Christian, a hard-working handyman and so much more all at the same time. This is a rare gem to find someone that can be so many things at the same time. But that’s Ethan. This is why it was such a privilege to do his senior portraits.

senior boy with his cowboy hat and his horses

Ethan was raised to have a love for horses and you can see this love for them in the way he deals with them. He takes such great care, making sure they are comfortable and that baby never gets too far from mama.

senior portraits with cowboy hat and dog

Eighteen years have gone by, but he has been in a hat and boots from day one. Ethan’s mom took very cherished photos of little Ethan in these, and they define part of him to this day. So it was only fair that his senior portraits included them. A true Southerner to the core with a love of everything country, from animals to music. We didn’t get to capture him with his guitar or his homemade Indian creations, but those are a major part of his life as well.

senior portraits in a tree and on a swing

Just a down home country boy who loves climbing trees and being in nature… But that profile, tho! It could be in magazines!

On to Old Mulkey for Second Half of Senior Portraits

I have to say, I really enjoyed this session. He knew just what to do, where to look. When to smile, when not to. You’d think he gets his portraits taken all the time, but truth be told, he’s just a natural. Add that to the list of what defines him.

At the end of the day, he is what he is. Ethan Scott. The boy who grew into the man that so many love. It has been my privilege to be a part of his life. And I was grateful for the opportunity to photograph his senior portraits. This is just the beginning…

Love, Kevin and Renee

P.S. If you would like to see what Ethan is up to now, his instagram is here.


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